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October 17, 2016

Rather Junior High...Home of the BEST STUDENTS and TEACHERS in Texas!

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Mon, 10/17 - 2nd Quarter Begins

Mon, 10/17 - Volleyball vs Celina (Here)

Tue, 10/18 - Grade Level Team Meetings during A and B Lunch

Wed, 10/19 - Think Through Math Training (specified staff; see email from TDaniel)

Thur, 10/20 - PTO Breakfast for Staff,

Thur, 10/20 - Football vs Community (Here)

Mon, 10/24 - Volleyball vs Princeton (Here)

Mon, 10/24 -Cheer and Band Pictures @ 8:00am [new date]

Tue,10/25 - Consumer Science Bake Sale after school

Wed, 10/26 - Fire Drill (NEW DATE)

Thur, 10/27 - Pink Out Day - Football vs Celina (Here)

Red Ribbon Week (Oct 31-Nov 4)

Mon- Costumes, Scare Away Drugs

Tue- Wear Red, Raise Drug Awareness

Wed- Polka Dots, Spot Me Not Doing Drugs

Thur- Hats, Put a Lid on Drugs

Fri- Wear Purple, School Spirit is Drug Free


  • Grades are due by 11:00am today. They must be entered into the gradebook and marked "ready to post" no later than that time so Ruthann can run report cards. Thank you for doing your part so she can take care of this time intensive task.

  • When Ms. Ary is in a session with a student, she will have a sign on the door indicating she is in session and should not be disturbed. If something important comes up, please slide a note under the door. If a student has asked to leave class to visit with Mrs. Ary and it is not part of their BIP or other special plan, please email her. She will call the student down as soon as she is available.

  • Teachers are expected to monitor the hallways during all transitions. Please have your room in sight if students are in your classroom. If you are away from your room, please lock your door and students can briefly wait in the hall.

Employee Profile

Tammy Balch attended Levelland High School and Texas Tech University. She has been married to her wonderful husband, Bill for 38 years. They have four children. Whitney, her husband Rodney and two children, Caleb and Hanna; Taylor and her husband Bert; Zach and Hunter.

Her most interesting job was being a "carnie" on the weekends and summer dring her teen years. Her grandparents worked for the carnival and she would join them in the fun. Her favorite "carnie" job was working the cranes booth. She was often called Tator Tot when she was young. She enjoyed travelling around Levelland in her little Vega while jamming to her love, Donnie Osmond.

Favorite Quote:

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care” - Theodore Roosevelt


  • A Big Thank You to the awesome LH Rather Family!! Traci and Jason are very humbled and so grateful for the luncheon and kind words given to them during Friday's Principal's Appreciation Celebration.

  • The Great Days of Service Canned Food Drive was a success with 10,174 food items donated for those in need in our community. LHR came in 4th place among the district campuses with a total of 921 items donated. Thank you to everyone who helped promote the event. The winning LHR class will be announced soon so they can enjoy their popcorn and pickles in the park reward.

  • Thank you Myrna Malone for dedicating your time and energy to providing your annual Native American History presentation to 7th grade Social Studies classes on Friday. The students and staff enjoyed the event very much.

  • LHR Family Quote of the Week: “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelo
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