🐬 Week of September 28, 2020

Hollinger's Island Elementary School

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The time is finally here! Monday began our journey back to face-to-face learning, for those that choose this option. This newsletter is filled with important information designed to help the transition to be as seamless as possible. Please do not hesitate to send an email or call the school if your questions aren't answered here.

Transitioning to Face-to-Face

  • The uniform policy is still in effect. However, it will be relaxed in that a uniform shirt, uniform pants (no jeans), and a belt (for grades 1 and up) are required. Remember, we transitioned to only red shirts for this year. Please see the link to the uniform policy. Also please refer to the posting/email sent from Central Office concerning uniforms and masks.

Uniform Policy

Information from CO regarding uniforms and masks

  • We are excited to see many of our students return to the classroom! Please see below for the updated schedule for transitioning students back to the classroom, our bell schedule, and a link to the most recently updated school year calendar. Note that the calendar is different than the one approved in the spring.

Tentative Schedule for Students to Return

Bell Schedule

Updated School Year Calendar

  • Please see the link below for a short PPt that provides necessary information for a smooth transition back to face-to-face learning. You will be receiving more information from both CO and HIES as we get closer to next week.

For Parents and Students- Return to School Plan

General Reminders for Students Returning to Face-to-Face Learning

  • Students will need bring their own water bottles, marked with their name. The water fountains are off limits. They will have the opportunity to refill their bottles if necessary. Snacks will be sold for .50 each.

  • Parents are not allowed out of their vehicles. This includes Day 1 for PreK and Kindergarten students. But please do not worry! Your little ones will be in good hands, and they are surprisingly resilient. :-)

  • Parents cannot bring lunch to their child during the school day. If a child forgets their lunch, he/she can simply eat from the cafeteria.

  • Students will need a computer bag to transport their laptops if they choose to bring them to and from school. If a student brings a laptop home, it must be recharged before returning the next day.

For remote learning, please be sure your child/ren are up and ready for school in order to sign into Schoology on time. This means dressed properly (i.e., shirt, proper pants/dress, etc.), fed, and free from distractions. We ask that parents remain out of the screen view as much as possible.

What else is happening?

  • The closing date on the iReady diagnostics is currently set for October 9.

  • We are already looking ahead to find a way to do the Turkey Trot. :-) Fingers crossed!

Virtual Title I Meeting and Open House

Please stay tuned for our Virtual Title I Meeting and Open House, coming the first full week of October!
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