Origami Owl Jewelry Bar

We are going to give away over $100 in free jewelry!!!

You are invited to Origami Owl Jewelry Bar!

Friday, December 12th at 7pm

Pamela's house in Loxahatchee
call or message me for address

and online

Hosted by Margaret Lovern

WIN a FREE chocolate locket and chain ($50 value)!!!

Here is how to increase your chances of winning:
- RSVP before Tuesday - earn 2 tickets (561-299-8074 or locketsbyanna@gmail.com)
- Bring a friend that was not invited - earn 1 ticket, when they make a purchase
- Bring 2 friends - earn 4 tickets
- Come on time, don't be late! - get 1 ticket
- Wear something red - get 1 ticket
- For every $25 spend at the party - get 1 ticket
Margaret will draw a lucky winner after we close the party :)

Lots of FREE goodies will be given away!
Leave the party with a special limited edition charms that are no longer available for purchase! Looking forward to see you Friday at 7 pm!