The Journey Of A Life Time

Ariella Bernick number 21

Day 1 The Everglades

The Everglade National Park is around 5,000 years old but still has fantastic scenry and amazing wildlife. It became a national park on December 6th, 1947 because everone wanted to protect it's natrual beauty. This was during the 1914-1950 WWI-WWII time period. The Everglades are in Florida and strecth about 1.5 million acres.

Some birds that live in the Everglades are the Bald Eagle, The Wood Stork, White Ibis,Burrowing Owl, Snowy Egret and the the piping plover. Some mammals that live in the Everglades are the florida panther, the key deer,black bear,mink, and the west Indian manatee. The Everglades also have reptiles,fish and amphibians. Enjoy the Everglades!!!!!!!!!

Day 2 Pensacola - Historical Surprise

Pensacola is also called America's First Settlement. Did you know that the Spanish landed in Pensacola in 1959? That is 6 years earlier than the finding of St. Augustine! That was during the 1400-1565 Exploration Period.

You can start your day in Pensacola by climbing to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse. It is the oldest and tallest on the Gulf Coast, dating to 1859. Climb the 177 steps to the top for great views, but do this at your own risk because this lighthouse is supposed to be haunted!

Next, you can visit Fort Pickens.It is located at the western end of Santa Rosa Island. It is one of four Southern forts never occupied by the Confederate forces during the Civil War. (The Civil War period was from 1861-1865). It is open to the public. A fee is required for entry.

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Day 3 - Pensacola Beach and Yummy Food

On your third day, you can just stay in Pensacola and enjoy the beautiful beaches. This is a hidden treasure that you MUST see. There are 52 miles of beaches that are famous for their white sands that look like sugar! This is a natural beauty that you will never forget! The best time to visit the beach to swim is between June and September, because the water temperature is in the 80s.

After your day at this unforgettable beach, you will be very hungry. I recommend going to eat at Five Sisters Blues Cafe. It has the best home cooked meals ever! It ties together great southern charm and food in a nice restaurant. You must try the fried green tomato appetizer!! You must make sure you are hungry when you go to this restaurant!

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Day 4 - Remembering the Past/Jewish Culture

The history of the Jews in the US has been going on since the colonial times. Large-scale immigration of Jews from Germany took place in the 19th century. Immigration of Eastern Ashkenazi Jews took place in 1881-1914. (The Immigration Phase).

Your 4th day will be sad, but will be the most important day of your trip. You will go to the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The first floor has the permanent exhibits and the second floor has temporary exhibits.

The Holocaust was the murder of approximately six million Jewish people during World War 11. It was lead by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. It is important never to forget this horrible event!

After this emotional visit, you might want to take part in happy Jewish culture- food! You must go to Jo-El's Kosher Delicatessen and Marketplace on 2619 23rd Ave N in St. Petersburg. The rye bread is the freshest around! The pastrami is piled high !The matzo balls are so good you want to order more. YUM!

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Day 5-Miami -Jungle Day

Miami is one place in Florida that you need to go to! Get ready for a fun filled day!

Monkey Jungle will be your first stop. Can you imagine being in a cage surrounded by monkeys? This is an unforgettable experience! Monkey Jungle houses nearly 400 primates, most running free on a 30-acre reserve. I have been there and it is awesome!

Your next stop is a magnificent place called Jungle Island.It has extremely rare twin orangutans, the world's largest cat, and over 300 birds. It is so much fun. There are so many diffirent kinds of animails that are unique. The cool thing isthat you can hold a baby tiger and a baby monkey... I held it before. As much fun as it is, it is very educational, too. You learn about animals in their habitats and have fun at the same time.

!!!!!!!!! I Love Florida !!!!!!!!