Monday, January 18, 2016

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Mid Year Data Collection

As you complete your mid year assessments and data collection, remember to input data into your class profile sheet and complete your RBES mid year implementation update. Due date is on or before Friday, February 5.

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PTA Cultural Arts Programs & Scholastic News Weekly Readers

Teachers & Staff, did you know that PTA sponsors all in house cultural arts programs and purchased the weekly readers for every student? Please consider sending thank yous to the PTA (they have a mailbox), have students write thank yous, make a class thank you note, grade level banner, etc. We want our PTA to know how much we appreciate the sponsorship of these programs and the value it has on student achievement and success.
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Flashbulb Moments

It is time to collect student names and id numbers for our Flashbulb Moments program. Please use the link below to submit 2 students who would benefit from a mentor here at the school. Please complete on or before Thursday, January 21.


STEAM Staff Development will continue in February with the planning phase of the EDP process. As you spend time on the playground this month, think about our playground scenario and your grade level question. Do any new thoughts or questions come to mind? Bring any new thinking to our next meeting.

The Parkview STEM Vertical Team met last Monday. It was beneficial to learn about the STEM programming from our sister schools. Each school is moving forward with STEM at a pace similar to Arcado's. A common EDP graphic along with common vocabulary are in the works for our cluster.

STEAM night planning for Arcado is going strong. Grade level plans for the evening are exciting to see. Our students and their families will be in for a great night of learning. If your grade level is in need of assistance, please let Ms. Curtis know. She is happy to assist with planning or material preparation. Save the date flyers will be ready to go home with students on Tuesday, January 19 in their "Monday folders".

Our local school science fair will be during the school day on Wednesday, January 20. Specifics on the day will be sent home to all science fair participants and will be on Ms. Curtis' science special e-class course page. Please plan to bring your class to the media center to view the science fair projects. They will be on display beginning at 8:30. Science Fair projects will also be on display at STEAM night.

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Fernando's Chair

Meaningful, real-world problems are the foundation of a strong Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program. When students are able to identify problems and work together to determine solutions for those problems, learning soars. We witnessed this first hand recently with Mrs. Laura Davis's 3rd grade. One of their students, Fernando, had a problem keeping his backpack secure on his wheelchair. His classmates, along with his teachers (Mrs. Holland, Mrs. L Davis, and Dr. Avant), recognized this problem and proposed to Ms. Curtis the students use the Engineering and Design Process (EDP) to develop a modification for Fernando's wheelchair.

Over two STEM special class periods students worked in engineer and design teams to investigate, plan, design, create, and evaluate device prototypes for Fernando's chair. The students used math as each team worked within a given budget for building supplies. Science learning was put into practice as they applied simple machine knowledge. Engineering skills were practiced as they built the prototypes. Technology was integrated by using the program Animoto as students documented their learning. 21st century skills, such as communication, collaboration, and team work, were put into practice.

In the end, Fernando had 5 prototypes from which to choose. He decided on the one that works best for him and Dr. Avant will have the device attached to his chair. The students were so very happy to help Fernando in such a meaningful way.

VideoScribe on John Hattie's Visible Learning


Certified Staff... We need to hear from you!

GCPS is currently gathering information to help in the development process of the compensation system. We’ve heard from teachers who participated in focus groups held in every cluster. In addition, the Teachers Advisory Committee is providing feedback as part of its meetings this year. School leaders also have provided input and collected the input of their staff through Leadership Development meetings.

However, we need to hear from you.

An employee survey is currently available to allow certified staff members to provide further feedback on the development of the new compensation system.

Click here to take the survey.

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Thank you for supporting the BookFit Bowl!!!