Cammi Truong, 11/11/14

What is it?

Caritas is an international aid and development organization of the Catholic Church of Australia. It is part of an international confederation called ‘Caritas Internationalis’, which consists of 165 Catholic relief, development and social organizations that are helping over 200 impoverished countries and territories.

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What history does Caritas hold?

Caritas was founded by Lorenz Worthman in Germany 1897.

Caritas Internationalis was officially recognised in 1954, and just 2 years afterwards, it had already started helping territories and countries such as the Middle East, North and Latin America, Oceania, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Now, as one of the largest aid and development agencies, the organization has spread worldwide, helping those in need internationally.

How does it help?

Caritas helps over 30 countries regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and political beliefs. The organization supports long-term development programs for countries in need of food, water and sanitation. For more than half a century, the organization has been helping communities exposed to extreme injustice and poverty. By helping oppressed people recover their dignity and overcome poverty, Caritas is giving thousands of people a chance to shape their future.

What has Caritas achieved?

In just one year, with the help of donations, Caritas has funded 195 long-term programs, 143 partnerships and 143 development programs in over 35 countries in the world.

To find out more, click here:

Caritas' 2012 to 2013 annual report

Includes what countries Caritas has helped within that year, what it has achieved and more.

Deng's Story

Read how Caritas has helped a poor young boy become an architect of his own future.

Caritas' teachings

One Human Family, Food for All

Next year, Caritas will celebrate it's 50th anniversary!

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What is Caritas currently working on?

At Caritas, you are able to donate/act to several things, such as:

" Walk as One

Join us as we walk in solidarity with the world’s indigenous peoples to advocate for justice.

Food For All

One human family, food for all, is a campaign by Caritas Internationalis aimed at ending hunger by 2025.

A Just Climate

Promote ecological sustainability to minimise the impact of climate change for the world's poor.

Justice in DRC

Support the fight for justice for women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sports justice

Stand with Maristely this Project Compassion, and take action for communities affected by major sporting events.

Stand with Syria

Stand with Syria and ask the Australian Government to do more to help stop the Syrian crisis. #withSyria"

Donate now to Caritas

With the help of everyone, we can make a difference.