"Country of human rights"

Languages in France

In France the people there often speak French. English, Spanish, and German are the common foreign languages spoken in France.

Religion (Beliefs)

-Roman Catholic 86%

-Muslim 7%

-None 4%

-Protestant 2%

-Jewish 1%

Economic Activities

France has one of the most powerful economies. France has a lot of factories that produce a lot of things. France is self sufficient in most foods.Exports include machinery transport equipment, steel products, and agricultural goods.

Art and Music

France has a lot of arts. They have a lot of places were you can see, very beautiful. They have festivals of music each year. An example is "The Saint Lizier Festival" which is a classical festival and each year well-known composers and musicians perform. They have a lot of very beautiful sites to visit. For example the Versailles.

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Customs and traditions