Pad Tay


400 gram Thick rice noodles

2 tbsp oil

2 scrambled eggs

400 gram tofu

2 carrots

cup of bean sprouts

quarter cabbage

3 onions

4 tablespoons of soya


1. soak the noodels in a bowl with cold water hour to they can become soft

2. heat the oil on a pen a. add the eggs and mix them

3.cut the tufo to a little pieces

4.add nodels to the pen and jump the pen as far as the tofu ger little brown

5. take out the things in the pen and put them in plate

6. cut the caroots and the cabage into little pieces

7.heat the pen and jump the caroot one minute add the cabage and the bean sprouts into the pen and jump 2-3 minutes add the onions and jump only one minute

8. take the vegtebales from the pen and put them in a bowl

9. heat the pen again and add if you need more oil. add the noodels and jump hem, 2-3 minutes and after this take the noodels to another plate

10. spice the noodels and the soya together and mix them

11. put all the things that you made and jump hem in the pen for one minute

12. eat

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