West Texas Deaf Olympics

Friday, May 6, 2016

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West Texas Deaf Olympics

Friday, May 6th, 8am-2pm

4300 Coliseum Dr

San Angelo, TX

Schedule of Events:

8:00 - Registration and check-in opens

8:30 - Team Events

9:45- Group warm up

10:00 - Opening Ceremony

10:15-12:00 - Individual Events

12:00 -12:45 - Lunch

12:45 - Team Pictures and Awards Ceremony

2:00 - Dismiss

WTDO ART Contest

We have many creative students out there, and we need your drawings. Please consider submitting a design for this year's WTDO T-shirt Art Contest. You will find the guidelines below. Last year's winner was Alex Guerrero from Abilene. Cash prizes are awarded for first place and runner up!

VIPS forms for Community Volunteers - How will I know if I am required to complete one?

How will you know? Answer these questions:

1. Am I an employee of a school district?

2. Am I an employee of an Education Service Center?

3. Am I a student in grade 12 or below?

4. Am I the parent of a competitor (a Deaf/HH student who is competing)?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, you must fill out a VIPS form in addition to the volunteer form. Please visit the SAISD website and complete your form online.

Please call or email if you have any doubt about whether you need to fill out the form.

325-657-4055 x345 (voice) or alice.wellen@saisd.org


You are considered a volunteer if:

1. You are a community member.

2. You are employed by an ESC.

3. You are a district employee attending, but one who is NOT chaperoning students. (EX: nurses)

4. You are active duty military.

5. You have graduated high school and/or are a college student.

6. You are employed by a college, or state governmental agency.

Volunteer registrations are here.

We will be in need of volunteers again this year! Please contact Brenda Wellen at 325-657-4055 x345 (voice) or alice.wellen@saisd.org if interested.

Competitor Registrations

Have no fear! Competitor Registrations will be available in our next newsletter (either late January or early February).

Rick Andrews from KIXY-FM to join us this year!

San Angelo's own Rick Andrews will be joining us at WTDO for the first time this year. He is excited to be a part of the festivities and will be a great addition to our event!

Website Update

Check the website for information, deadlines, contacts, flyers, and much more. We are also supplying links to past newsletters. Use the QR code, or this link: http://tinyurl.com/lqttwol