John Cabot

By: Jordan Wittchow

John Cabot - Mini Biography

Biographical Information

Birth: 1450

Death: 1499

Career: Sailor and Explorer

Nationality: Venetian

Homeland: Genoa, Italy

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What did John Cabot sail for? Who financed his voyages?

John Cabot sailed, finding Canada, but mistaking it for Asia. Henry VII financed / sponsored John Cabot's voyages.

What were the circumstances of his death?

In May, 1498 John Cabot went on a voyage, possibly a trading voyage. One ship became disabled and stopped at Ireland. The other four ships (one had John Cobalt aboard) went on to be speculated "lost at sea."

Why is John Cabot historically significant? Explain voyages and his achievements on those voyages.

John Cabot is historically significant because he accidentally sailed to Canada (but mistook it for Asia) and claimed it for the King of England. His voyages where going to Asia, thus coming upon modern day Canada, claiming it for King Henry VII, then getting a well good reward. He voyaged to modern day Canada again, and then became "lost at sea." His achievements for claiming modern day Canada, though everyone thought it was Asia, was getting a money reward.

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Sites / Explanation of findings Sites / Explanation of findings

- small video about life

- synopsis

- early years

- North American voyages

- mysterious ends


-early life

-Cabot's first voyage

-second voyage


- voyages

- what he succeded

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Essay awnsering EQ

The explorer that would influence me too immigrate to the area he explored would be JOHN CENA! Ha, just kidding. It would be John Cabot. Wow! The person I did the report on? Yes, yes indeed. Why you may ask yourself. Well, the place he explored (modern day Canada) just seems like a place that speaks out to me.

Also, he disappeared / died, looking for that land! I want his discovery to be loved just like it is today. Another reason is that, I want to see new places that I haven't seen before. New sights, places, people, and culture! The place he found just seems like a nice place.

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