Flipped Lesson Reflection #1

Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA

What Went Well?

  • My timing was good
  • My links worked!!
  • I was able to get a lot of dense information out there in a short period of time that they could use as a resource.

What Could have been Better?

  • I don't like the sound of my voice!
  • Too many pauses and uhms
  • It felt a little awkward

What did I learn? / What can I do in the future

  • Embrace my awkwardness. I can't change my voice so I better just get comfortable
  • Try a one take version. I was definitely over rehearsed!
  • I need to research some new and innovative ways to make a flipped video.
  • Increase my "tech cred"

Technology Process Song - A Science Music Video by Untamed Science