reuse the energy of the earth

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Form what is solar power?

Solar power is a inexpensive form of energy which helps the environment unlike fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is left behind of dead plants and animals from a long time ago such as coal,oil and natural gas fossil fuel is now expensive because of the awareness of the population but for some reason they don't care but why? They don't care because they don't know about the cause of fossil fuel fossil fuel destroys our earth. our only hope is alternative energy what is alternative energy you say while. Alternative energy is a type of energy which is good for the environment unlike fossil fuel . Alternative energy is hydro,ocean,solar,wind and geothermal energy let me tell you about solar power. Solar power is energy from the sun which is the most popular alternative energy in the world it was discovered in 1911 by scientist dr edmond there are two ways to generate solar power one is photosynthesis sells which change is it direct to energy or a common way the heats the water that creates steam which spins a turbine powers a generator now solar power powers 3.5% of the earth that creates the earth's electricity when it's hot use solar energy as an advantage to power home I hope I told you enough information about solar power

Function how does geothermal power work?

geothermal energy is heat from the earth which could probably generate more energy than fossil fuel the most well known place to see it live is the Yellowstone international park in Canada Yellowstone it works by taking the steam the steam turns a turbine which powers a generator. The problem is that its the most unexplored energy but hopefully in the future it will be the most explored energy.

Connection how are alternative energy’s connected

.they are all renewable

.They are all nature

.they reduce burning fossil fuel

.They are not really famous

Connection how are alternative energy’s connected

.they are all renewable

.They are all nature

.they reduce burning fossil fuel

.They are not really famous

Change how much percent is solar power in the world

In 2013 to 2014 it was 3.5 percent know solar power is making a comeback in

Now in the UAE they have the solar station in the world. And know places like Germany Denmark are using it constantly there are houses cars building know people are even starting to make solar windows

Causation what has caused the need for alternative energy cheaper not harmful it’s a win win for the environment and ourselves we can generate more electricity fossil fuel is bad for the environment nonrenewable and expensive and hard to get. so it can be our source when fossil fuel runs out we can use a smart easy more powerful method to use and that can change the present and the future and show that the past ideas like dr Edmond and Charlie bush were heroes and we continued there legacy thank you.

Responsibility how much responsibility should we take at home

We should take a lot of responsibility at home for how much light were using the environment you’re destroying with using fossil fuel also your light bills will go up imagine you wasting all that energy your wasting so with a thousand pleases don’t leave the light on or any electronic devices please don’t leave them on.

perspective what are the points of view of alternative energy

. being cheap

.being renewable not hurting the environment

.being a method when fossil fuel runs out

. A more powerful energy

. a impressive energy

Reflection how Do we know fossil fuel is going to run out.

Fossil fuel is nonrenewable because it uses dead plants and animals from along time ago remains and uses coal, oil and natural gasses coal you find in minds oil was from the dead plants and animals and natural gas is found in the deep part of the earth thank you

hydro energy

this shows you about hydro energy
Renewable Energy 101: Hydropower

alternitive enrgy

My unit
Energy 101: Wind Power
Energy 101: Solar Power
Renewable Energy 101: Biomass Electricity
This is how you make electricity

geothermal power

geothermal is heat from the ground like lava pools gisers stuff like that and it gives us 50000 times more energy then normal
Renewable Energy 101: Geothermal Power


my names Abdullah Jumale and Im doing my exhibition on alternative energy
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Energy 101: Electricity Generation