A Field in Bloom

Under Construction!

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This week has brought some exciting changes to the field of dreams. We have acquired many of our items, and sales are booming.Donations for a chance to win a mystery prize are also up for sale. There has been a lot of progress on planting. 7th grade group D has been planting Cinnamon Fern, Grey Goldenrod, New England Aster, Milkweed, and River Birch Trees. "The trench has been finished and now we are going to plant seeds. We are planting Cinnamon Fern right now." Says Sania Bashir. The filming group has finished their draft video and are now editing for their final copy. "The film crew is done recording and editing. We have a draft video complete and now have to revise a few things. We should be complete in a few days." Says Isha Khan.

Special Thanks!

Thank you Ms. LeFaivre for donating two logs as shelter for the Five-Lined skinks!

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