Ten survival tips for lost hikers.

These tips will save your life!

Survive, you will!

  1. Find water, food, and shelter, they will keep you warm and help you survive.

  2. Make sure to cook your meats before you eat them so you don’t get food poisoning. Cook them by rubbing a stick into another stick.

  3. Make sure if you eat berries that they’re not poisonous by checking their color. This can mean the difference between life and death.

More tips.

  1. Don’t get stressed. You need to keep a clear head so you can think. Focus on the positive.

  2. When building a shelter, comfort is not your first choice. Choose an area that is free of danger so you can survive..

  3. Do not drink salt water. It dehydrates you. If it tastes salty, avoid it.

  4. If you must cross a river, find a calm spot to cross. This will prevent you from getting washed away.

NEVER stray far from your shelter.

Some more tips.

  1. Make a fire. It keeps away the beasties.

  2. Carry a survival kit with you. It can help you with your wounds, and provides food and water.

  3. Take inventory. Lay everything out and see what you have. Anything could be useful!

These are all the tips you need to survive in the wilderness!