By: Matt Zbylicki

Union Speech


"We do not like this action that was put in place. Our people are not eating unless they work, and they must work all through the night. Just because children have worked in the past doesn't mean they are always available. You manufacturers need to stop taking for granted the availability of child labor. Children have terrible working conditions and we are going to fight for their well being. We will strike if we have to and we will not be harmed because of this. The politicians should listen to our message. We need shorter workdays and better working conditions!"

The Navist Response

Some native born Americans protested the arrival of these immigrants. They refused some of their customs like beer gardens and the isolation of Germans. They also feared the growing political power of the Roman Catholics. Nativists viewed immigrants as politically corrupt and socially inferior. They blamed the new immigrants for slum conditions that they had nothing to do with. The navists did not want the new immigrants to come or have any rights in their lives.

Immigrants Reponse

Many immigrants came to America because of the great opportunity.