Maddys News


Madelyn Wielgus

Madelyn Wielgus, is a fifth grader at A.B.V.M. She loves soccer and Ulitmate Frisbee. She is 11 years old. She has a mom and a dad named Beth and Wade. she also has a sister named Hannah. She lives in Pulski WI.

Halloween Party

By:MaddyThe 5th grade class hosted the Halloween Party.It was held in the gym at A.B.V.M.There were many games like bingo, bowling,musical chairs, and many more.SAC decided to have a party to have some fun.It took place on october 31.

Girls Basketball

Girls Basketball has just started. They are taught by mr. and mrs. Black. The practices are through Nov and Dec. Our practices will be held at A.B.V.M.s gym. Girls can learn new skils at basetball.