RN-BSN Portfolio

Past, Present, & Future

Onground & Online Portfolio Prior to FALL 2013: Similarities

  • Started in Nursing Theories and Concepts (NTC)
  • Organized by the MNU Seven Outcomes
  • Requires students to submit evidences of how the outcomes are met by providing graded and corrected copies of assignments that support their rationales for how two sub-points of each outcome were met
  • Students responsible to save and upload assignments throughout the program
  • Due by third week of the last course in the program
  • Graded by the advisor per rubric
  • Reported to Registrar's office as part of graduation requirement
  • *important for new faculty because of the advisor's responsibility to grade these assignments for students who started the program before FALL 2013

Onground & Online Portfolio Prior to Fall 2013: Differences

  • On-ground portfolio is created and submitted as a hard copy
  • Online portfolio is created and submitted electronically

  • On-ground course content, with the exception of NTC, does not include portfolio components
  • Online courses: NTC, Wellness & Spirituality, Ethics, and Informatics do include portfolio components

Major Changes from Past & Present to Future

  • Online & on-ground creation and submission are both online
  • Organization consistent with more general professional portfolio; not specific to seven outcomes
  • Students do not add graded and corrected copies of assignments
  • NTCs, Role Development, Ethics, and Future of Nursing courses on-ground and online will include portfolio assignments
  • Submission of the final portfolio is an assignment in Future of Nursing course
  • Grading of the portfolio requirements are the responsibilities of each course instructor; the advisor will not grade the portfolios

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