3rd/4th grade Action

Pull-out program at the elementary level

Pull-out Program Requirements

  • Meets 150 minutes per week
  • 1:30-2:45 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Allows for in-depth problem solving, creativity and higher thinking skills
  • Bring along your student planner - this is a great organizational tool that many of us need and will aid in communication and meeting of deadlines.


  • Students are expected to come to class prepared with all needed materials.
  • Students are expected to be responsible for working to his/her own capabilities when in the Action classroom. This is an opportunity for in-depth learning and horseplay or idleness will not be tolerated.
  • Students are expected to be respectful in all comments, whether agreeing or disagreeing in class discussion or sharing of observations, and positive on all thinking. Please check your negativity at the door!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is the student required to make up the homework they are missing in the regular classroom?
  • Answer: YES, because Action is a pull-out program at the elementary level students are required to complete and turn in all missing assignments.
  • Question: How do I know what was assigned to my child that day?
  • Answer: The students have a student planner that they are all required to fill out at the beginning of the day each day that has all assignments for each subject. Students are asked to fill their planner out and bring it to Action where I can sign it.
  • Question: Why are you signing their planner on Action days?
  • Answer: I look at each students planner to make sure they are filling it out appropriately and also checking to see on notes between the classroom teacher and myself or the parents and myself. Signing the planner lets you know that I saw your child that day.