News From the Pond

Mrs. Murphy's Kindergarten

Reading and Writing


Theme 6: Meet My Family

Letter of the Week
: Gg
Sight words: for, me
Comprehension strategy: Creating Images


Topic 7: Geometry

Engineering Day

We had a lot of fun rotating through all of the kindergarten classrooms for Engineering Day on Wednesday before Break. In Mrs. Pepin's classroom the students created a "mattress" to keep their Humpty Dumpty (egg) from breaking when it fell off of a ledge. In Mrs. Jone's classroom, they built a house to keep the three little pigs safe. In Mrs. Kent's classroom, they designed a new animal to add to the zoo. In our classroom, they programmed the Bee-Bots to reach the various places on our floor mat. We had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of the students using the Bee-Bots!