Life Is A B*tch But...

Make It Your B*tch...By: Cami Haney

Dedicating this bad boy to:

My family. Thank you all for loving and supporting me, even though I can be hard to love. Y'all rock my socks off.

Song list:

Who I Am- Jessica Andrews: - I chose this song because when I hear it I am reminded of my life and I am able to reflect on myself.

Donk- Soulja Boy: - Okay, so basically this song is just my jam. Junior year this song played at the homecoming dance and I really and truly broke it down.

Shake- Victoria Justice: - This song is an uplifting song that just makes me smile and want to dance my butt off. We Zumba to this song at my work and it is one of my favorites.

Something In The Water- Carrie Underwood: - I love Jesus. I've always grown up in a Christian home. I was raised knowing that on Sunday we didn't do anything but go to church, watch sports, and eat Nanny's cooking.

Crazy In Love- Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z: - No, I'm not in love. As a matter of fact, I hate boys. However, Beyoncé is my girl and I love all of her songs.

Give Me Back My Hometown- Eric Church: - There was this person. He came in my life, rocked my world, and then left. Therefore there are several places in my hometown where him and I shared memories. This song reminds me of him every time I hear it. I guess it just another memory. Yeah, he sucks.

I See You- Luke Bryan: - Luke Bryan is my man. I love him. I love his songs. I love his face. I just love him a lot. Almost every song the man sings I can relate to it somehow.

Salt Shaker- Ying Yang Twins: - I can't lie my junior year I was a tad wild. This song sends me back to so many long, hilarious, unforgettable nights.

Laffy Taffy- D4L: - THIS SONG IS MY JAM. I've loved this song since I was a little girl.

Ms. New Booty- Bubba Sparxx: - Okay, we all know I gotta little junk in my trunk so I love hearing this song. It is almost like an anthem.

Just a little information:

I'm a really loud but quiet individual. Age is changing me a little more everyday. I've started to realize that life is too short to sweat the small things. Time goes by really fast, so I'm beginning to spend it having fun. I have people in my life that are a true treasure from God. I am happy to say that it took me having to rebuild my life on the foundation of rock bottom to realize that I'm not the only one with issues in this life and that no matter what life goes on. I'm a happy individual who is a little more amazed by the simplicity of my life everyday.