Roger Neilson P.S. Review

Family Edition - May 22nd - May 26th, 2023

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Action / Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope everyone had a great long weekend and were able to enjoy the wonderful weather today. Another busy week at RNPS, so please see all the information in the newsletter below...

The sun is beginning to show its strength and we are reminding students to apply sunscreen and ensure they are protecting themselves from the UV rays before coming to school in the morning.

A reminder that this week is the Scholastic Book Fair (starting tomorrow), hosted by our school council. More information is in the newsletter below.

We also look forward to meeting our newest students starting in September at the Kindergarten Orientation session that is happening this Wednesday from 5:30-6:30 pm at Roger Neilson PS.

Finally, we have a lot of articles of clothing still on our lost and found table in our front foyer. I've included pictures of the lost items below in this newsletter. Please have your child check there if they are missing something.

Have a great week,

~Mr. Coulter

Looking Ahead:

May 22nd - Victoria Day Holiday - NO SCHOOL

May 23rd - May 26th - Scholastic Book Fair in School Library

May 23rd - Bus Evacuation Drills

May 24th - Kindergarten Orientation 5:30-6:30 pm

May 29th - June 2nd - EQAO Assessments for Gr. 3 and 6.

May 30th - Grades 2 and 3 at PTBO Water Festival

May 31st - SubWay Lunch

June 1st - PTBO Area Track and Field Meet @ TASS

June 5th - Gr. 3 - Swim to Survive Lesson (in class)

June 7th - School Council Meeting @ 6pm

June 8th - Gr. 3 - Swim to Survive at the Pool

June 8th - School Movie Night hosted by School Council

June 9th - PA Day - Schools Closed

June 12th - Area Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

June 14th - Jr. Boy's 3-Pitch Tournament

June 14th - Papa John's Pizza Day

June 15th - Gr. 3 Swim to Survive at the Pool

June 16th - RNPS Fun Day - Roger Neilson's Birthday!

June 18th - Father's Day

June 19th - Gr. 3 Swim to Survive in Class session

June 19th - Jr. Girls' 3-Pitch

June 21st - SubWay Lunch Day

June 22nd - Swim to Survive at the Pool

June 27th - Grade 6 Leaving Ceremony - 11:30 am

June 27th - Report Cards Go Home

June 28th - Last Day of School

June 29th - PA Day

Upcoming Days of Significance this Week in May:

May is Recognized as Asian Heritage Month, South Asian Heritage Month, Dutch Heritage Month and Jewish Heritage Month.

May 22: Victoria Day

May 24: Declaration of the Bab (Baha'i)

May 26: Shavuot (Judaism)

Scholastic Book Fair May 23rd - 26th, 2023

Roger Neilson PS will once again host a Scholastic Book Fair "in-person" during this upcoming week. Flyers and information went home with all students last week. Each class will have an opportunity to visit the book fair on Tuesday and create a "wish list" of items they are interested in. They will then have an opportunity to purchase these items from Wednesday - Friday. Families wanting to visit the fair can do so after school with a later evening happening on Wednesday until 6:30 pm.

Thank-you to our school council for running this event. All proceeds will go to add additional titles to our school and class libraries. Stay tuned for more information!

Kindergarten Orientation

We hope that our new Kindergarten families will be able to join us for our Orientation night on May 24, 2023 from 5:30-6:30pm. We will start the evening in our gymnasium before having an opportunity to tour the school and the kindergarten classrooms.

Please click on this link to learn a little bit more about the kindergarten program.


As the school year is slowly coming to an end, we have collected a lot of articles of clothing on our Lost and Found table in our front foyer. Please take a look at the pictures below and make sure your child retrieves their lost item. Thank you!
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RNPS Track and Field Day - A ton of fun!!!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in our school track & field meet last week at Kenner!

Thank you to all staff who helped run an event to make this day happen: Ms. Barry, Ms. Sundup, Ms. D, Mr. Henderson, Ms. Nansi, Ms. Holroyd, Mr. Sift, Ms. Gemmiti and Ms. Ellement. A special thank you to Ms. McInroy for organizing the entire event. Thanks to all of the LLS staff and students who came out to cheer and to those who participated. We have such a wonderful community of dedicated staff and the day ran smoothly thanks to all of your help!

Now to thank all of our participants. Your effort, commitment, and positive attitudes were evident throughout the day as you were seen pushing yourself to be your best in each and every event you were in. Positive cheering and encouragement to push you forward were seen from start to finish. We are so proud of how well everyone did and we are looking forward to passing out some much-deserved ribbons soon! We will be letting those advancing to the area meet at TASS know shortly! Congratulations everyone!

Peterborough Lakers Lacrosse Clinic

Thank you again to Turner Evans of the Peterborough Lakers for hosting the Nationwide Lacrosse School Clinic on Friday at RNPS for Grades 3-6. Each class received an amazing 50-minute session to learn some of the basic Lacrosse skills. The weather was great and the students had a lot of fun. Thank you to the school council for supporting the cost of this event.

School Council Update

Our next Council meeting is Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 6:00 pm in our school conference room in the office. This will be the last meeting of this school and we would love to see new members join and find out what is needed for the fall! We meet once a month and there are a variety of roles and tasks that we need support with. Some don’t require much commitment at all. We will also offer a virtual drop-in if you can't meet in person. Cisco WebEx is the platform. If you do not have the use of a computer, a free app can be downloaded to most Smart Phones. To access the meeting, please use this link: at 6pm. For parents needing daycare in order to attend a meeting, please let us know in the office and we will see if we can support you with childcare for the hour.

If you have any questions please get in touch with Mr. Coulter. We hope to see you!

Gr. 6 Transition Event to Kenner: Ramapalooza!!!

Kenner Intermediate and Secondary will host our second annual Ramapalooza transition event for our feeder school students joining us next year on Monday, May 29th, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., with a rain date of Wednesday, May 31st. We aim to create a space for students and families joining us this fall to come together and interact with one another and some of our staff. We will offer free hotdogs, chips, and drinks to each student and up to two guests, with additional meals available for $4.00. Snow cones and cotton candy will be sold for $1.00 each, and various activities, such as an inflatable obstacle course, jousting, and more, will be available at no cost. Tours of the school will also be offered to families who attend.

To make this event a success, please see the following link below. It contains all the pertinent information and a link to a Google Form requiring families to input their child’s name and the number of guests attending. This will assist us with our planning, food purchases, and distribution on the night of the event.

Newsletter Invitation

Please consider supporting "May" Breakfast Club at Roger Neilson!

Each day ALL students are offered something to eat in the morning when they come into the school. Not all students choose to take something to eat, but many do. We recognize the importance nutrition has on learning. We would like to thank the "Children's Breakfast Clubs" for their support with our morning nutrition program.

However, running a school wide program comes with a cost. Thank-you to all families who donated so far! This support means a lot! We are hoping that families would consider donating to our program again for the Month of May if your child is accessing it in the mornings. Look for this opportunity on school cash online soon. $5 per month, which is roughly 25 cents a day would really help us out.

Thanks for considering!

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EQAO Provincial Grade 3 and 6 Assessments

Our Grade 3 and 6 students will be writing the EQAO provincial assessment during the week of May 29th - June 2nd, 2023. More information will be sent home with these students directly.

Updates from KPR School Board!

Kindergarten Registration

As we begin to plan for next year, please let your friends and family know they can visit to register for Kindergarten and to learn more about KPR’s awesome Kindergarten classrooms, where children, and their learning, are supported by caring, professional educator teams.

From the Community:

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Mental Health Awareness Flyer from PPH

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A reminder to please continue to visit the provincial screening tool for COVID related guidance. To support you with decision making, their is a helpful PDF document below, but also in picture format too below that.

In the event of illness at school, families will be asked to pick up students and keep them home until their symptoms are improving, in accordance with the provincial screening tool. Students who develop symptoms of illness while at school will be distanced from other students as much as possible and asked to wear a mask until they can be picked up. Schools will no longer have separate isolation rooms.

Rapid Antigen Tests will continue to be available at schools and will be provided as needed.

If your child is going to be absent, you can use the "very user-friendly" School Messenger app (a free download), to let us know. You can also call the student absence reporting system at 1-844-434-8119. This number is available 24 hours a day. Complete attendance information can be found at this link:

A Message From Public Health Peterborough

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we continue to monitor daily absence trends and work closely with our partners in public health, we are sharing the attached below is communication from Peterborough Public Health, which includes guidance and updates on COVID-19 as well as the transmission of other illnesses in the community.

Thank you,

More School Information!

Wanting to Volunteer at our School or for a Class Trip?

Please click on the PDF below for information on how to get a valid Police Check. Schools need to have police checks for all volunteers. This process can take some time, so please apply for one soon! If you cannot print the process below, please stop by our school office for a hardcopy.

DOGS on School Property

We all love our pets , but we have many little ones who have major fears when it comes to animals and sometimes even the friendliest of animals can be "jumpy". Some parents have shared concerns that even though we have signs posted that say "No Dogs on the school yard", that during pick-up time some people are still bringing dogs onto the yard. We kindly ask that if you bring a dog during pick-up or drop-off that you wait by the gate and have your child come to you or just leave your pets at home. We really appreciate your cooperation with this matter, thank-you!

Our Parking Lot Before and After School

We recognize that our parking lot is a concern. We sometimes do not have enough spots for our staff. The bus company has also asked that we continue to have room for them to safely enter our parking lot. We kindly ask families to not enter our parking lot with your car as it becomes crowed and unsafe for our school buses. We know this is not ideal, especially in inclement weather, but we thank-you for your support with this!

Before and after school can be very busy with picking up and dropping off students with many little ones around. We have also been asked to remind everyone to watch the language we use during this time around our students. Thank-you!

Busing Information

All busing information and issues happens through STSCO. Please use the link below if you have any questions or concerns.

New Bus APP for our School Routes

STSCO has shared information about an APP that can be downloaded to SMART devices to alert families to bus delays and cancellations. Please check out the PDF document below.

Visitor Protocol

Visitors to the school are now allowed. When you arrive please ring the buzzer and follow these steps when entering the building:

· Complete the Daily Screener Tool

· Wear a Mask if instructed or if you choose to wear one



Should you wish to speak with a teacher regarding your child’s progress, an appointment can be made by contacting the office or the teacher directly by email. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Your child’s safety and education is our number one priority.

Information about School Cash Online

Communication from Roger Neilson P.S.

Most communication from Roger Neilson and our KPR board office is delivered via text messaging or email. If you have not opted into these services and would like to, please do so. For text messaging, your cell number must be in our system. You can opt into text messages by simply texting the word “yes” to the number 978338. If your phone number or email is not registered in the school system, or you have changed your number, please call the school to update: 705-745-6456.

This Weekly Newsletter will be sent via email every Sunday evening, please check it for weekly updates!

School Bell Times:

8:55am - School Gates Open and students can enter yard

9:10am - Morning Bell - Students Enter School

10:50am - 11:30am - Nutrition Break #1

1:10pm-1:50pm - Nutrition Break #2

3:30pm - Leaving Bell (Gates Open for Parents to Pick Students up on Yard)