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Lakeview Family Newsletter - December 14

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Last minute gifts?

If your family is anything like mine, you are scrambling for a few, last-minute gifts. Here are some suggestions:

BOOKS! Please be sure to include books in your holiday giving. Students need 30 minutes of reading at home every night, so surround them with books that will interest them.

GAMES! I mean good, old board games. Our youngest students can learn 1-to-1 correspondence (counting one space at a time) by playing Sorry. Older students learn how to make inferences - an essential skill for reading - by playing Clue (our 3rd grade students finished a mystery unit recently). Students learn to recognize patterns with Connect 4. There are many coding-type games out there, including those that use technology.

MEMBERSHIPS! Consider memberships at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Discovery World, the Art Museum, or a nature center. Many of these have reciprocal memberships at other zoos and museums across the nation. This can be a great idea for a grandparent to gift to a family, especially if they live far away.

Upcoming Events

December 17-21 - Smart Smiles examinations for those who have returned the signed permission forms.

Friday, December 21 - Holiday sing-along assembly. Note - this is an annual community-building event specifically for students. It is not a concert and there are no students "on stage".

December 22 through January 2 - Winter Break

Thursday, January 3 - School resumes


With the end of 2018 coming, this might be a good time to look at the rest of the calendar for this school year to be sure you have all the dates marked correctly on your home calendar. Here is a link to the 2018-2019 school calendar.

For those of you really planning ahead (like we tend to do at my house), here is a link to the calendar for next school year (2019-2020).

PTO Update

We had a large group of parents at our PTO meeting on Thursday night - thank you to all who attended. As the PTO continues to refine its purpose and presence at Lakeview, the group is establishing bylaws in order to establish itself as a 501(c)(3) organization. Our next PTO meeting will be on January 10th in the library. Please watch future newsletters for the time of the January meeting.


For those of you who drop-off or pick-up on Manistique, you realize how the ice builds up on the sidewalk. Our buildings and grounds staff work very hard every day to try and deal with this issue. As the weather warms, runoff from the hill flows back onto the sidewalk where it refreezes at night. Please be careful.

Social Studies Update

Please see this letter for information from Dr. Ann Newman, our Director of Instruction, regarding changes to social studies across the state of Wisconsin.