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In-Person Learning at Scituate

Dear Parents/Guardians, and High School Students,

As we returned back to in-person learning last week, it was so great to see students and staff learning in the building again! As we approached the end of last week however, we saw a significant drop in students who are signed up for in-person learning. In other words, students who are in group A or B and have decided to stay home for a day or two. While we are strongly encouraging students with any symptoms to stay home and distant learn, we are fearful that high school students may be taking advantage of the system and staying out if they simply don't want to come in or maybe they have a quiz or test that they are trying to avoid.

We had just about 12% of our entire student population in school on Friday.

Parents, if we are going to commit to in-person learning, we need your help and partnership to have our students attend school if they are signed up to do so and are healthy.

If students need to stay out for any reason, a parent/guardian must call the school in the morning and let us know why their high schooler is staying home.

Finally, in an attempt to "clean up" our attendance system. We ask that if families have changed their mind please do the following:

  • Change from in person to full distant learning: Contact Mr. Hassell and Mrs. Carnevale in the Superintendent's office
  • Change from full distant learning to in person: Contact Mr. Hassell with this request. The school will then check the student's schedule to ensure that there is enough room in each class to safely distant students six feet. If so, the student will be approved and the track will be changed in powerschool.
  • It is so important that our attendance is accurate and we appreciate your partnership in helping "clean this up"

Thank you!

Mr. Hassell and Mrs. Johnson

K-12 COVID-19 Testing Info

NEW Class Absence Letters

Please be aware that if your student is absent during a class period when they were marked present for the day parents/guardians will now receive an email. This email will include an attachment to a letter simply letting you know that your child/student has missed a class. If this letter is sent and you believe it was in error, the letter will state who to call or respond to. Thank you in advance for your support and help in this matter of attendance, as we know it is an important step in helping our students succeed.

Quarter 2 and Semester 1 Ends Feb. 3rd

Considering that Scituate High School has been in full distant learning since December 7th, our leadership team here at the high school has decided to cancel our scheduled midterm exam week. Students will follow their regular schedule and quarter 2 and semester 1 will close on February 3rd.

State Assessments

RI Department of Education waived our state testing last year because of the pandemic. It is clear that the state WILL expect schools to participate in state testing this spring. What that means for Scituate High School is the PSAT's for grade 10, the SAT's for grade 11 and the NGSS (Next Generation Science Assessment) for grade 11. These assessments will be in person.

In order to successfully prepare for this please review the info below:

  • All grade 9 students were able to take the PSAT 9 last October
  • All grade 12 students were able to take the SAT last October
  • All grade 11 students will have the option to take the PSAT on January 26th. Scituate HS has decided to purchase this assessment for our juniors knowing that this group of students has never taken a college board assessment in school.

State Accountability School Day Tests

  • April 13th All 11th Grade Students will take the SAT
  • April 14th All 10th Grade Students will take the PSAT
  • April 28th All 11th grade students will take the NGSS

All students NOT taking a test on a given day will stay home for a distant learning day.

We had an extremely successful in person session in October and will continue to adhere to all COVID safety protocols to ensure safety on these days!

Much more info coming soon!

School Pictures Update Thursday, Jan. 21st and Wednesday, Jan. 27th

Notes from Gene Hutnak: Picture retakes or missed picture days:

Gene will ask that the underclass come down first for makeups/retakes and then the seniors that are in that week to come down last. There are approximately 99 underclass we didn't catch first time around and 43 seniors.

The seniors will be sent home a proof sheet so that they can view and order.

Thursday, January 21st for Group B and Wednesday January 27th for Group A. We will be ready for 8 am and will go until approximately 11 am in the cafeteria.

Students can pick up a picture form in the HS office if they wish to order.

There is still a stack of photos in the HS office from students who have not yet picked them up.

Town Building Committee

Dear Prospective Committee Member:

The Scituate School Committee is looking for two (2) interested citizens to serve on the Building Committee to address the facility needs within the Scituate School District. The subcommittee members will provide an assessment of the current and future instructional space needed to accommodate educational guidelines as established by the School Committee. In addition, recommend to the school committee for approval a capital improvement plan that includes required upkeep of the facilities

Please submit letters of interest and a completed Application of Appointment form (attached and also available in the “recent news” section on the School District Website) by Friday January 27, 2021 to the attention of Jennifer Carnevale, Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools, Central Office, 3 George Washington Highway, Clayville, RI 02815 or

Thank you for your interest.


Scituate School Committee

Scituate Athletic Booster Club is Sponsoring a Parade!

The SHS Class of 2021 Car Parade will be rolling through Scituate Village at 10:30am in January 23rd!

We ask that parade watchers park their cars in the basketball court parking lot on Rt 116 and walk to the parade route. We want the seniors to be able to see you cheering them on from the sidewalks and watchers will get a better view of the parade! ALL RIDOH COVID-19 rules must take place!

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2021-2022 Program of Studies

The student portal in Powerschool will be open in the coming weeks and students in grades 8-11 will begin to select their courses for the 2021-2022 school year!

Please view our approved 2021-2022 Program of Studies Website in the link below. Within that website, students and families may view our “how to” presentation.

Once students select courses, they will sit with Mrs. Testoni (grade 8) Mr. Hass (grades 9 & 10) or Mr. Casey (grade 11) to finalize the process so that we can begin to build our schedule for next year. Please reach out to our school counselors, department chairs, or high school teachers with any questions.

Email or call Mr. Hassell or Mrs. Johnson, or your friendly counselor with any questions!

Good luck!

New Math Club!

Come and join the Math Club! Founding membership has its perks!

Moderator: Mr. Soucar
Period 9 Second Semester.

= All are welcome to join. You don't have to be a "wicked" smart math student to join or enjoy.
+ We'll be solving math and logic, puzzles and problems.
- The problems will range in levels; easy, moderate and challenging.
/ You can work in teams or by yourself.
> Points will be awarded and modest prizes will be awarded.
() It will be fun and a low stress learning experience.
* Attend with a positive attitude.

Sign-up using the link below.

From Visual Arts

Ms. Feldman and her students found a new friend in a HEPPA filter!


Greetings to the Scituate students and families!

This year, we were able to see the effects of mental health while enduring a global pandemic. Covid-19 has physically and mentally been one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. We are writing to you as one of Scituate High Schools HOSA groups. This year, our goal is to bring awareness and offer a hand to those who have struggled during the midst of this crazy year. Each week, we will be sharing a quote to encourage positivity within our community as a way to remind you: YOU GOT THIS. As students at our school and teens in our society, we see first hand how challenging this year has been and we want you to know that we are here to support YOU. We are currently working on a podcast; hoping it will be another great resource for students and families. Not only will you be able to hear from us and our experiences but also from teachers and professionals as well. Once the first episode is released, you will be able to access it right here in the newsletter. Keep an eye out!

-Sophie Pedro, Julia Olson, Maddie Geisser, and Hannah Ward

From School Counseling

2020-2021 Scholarship List

Please view our scholarship link. The spreadsheet will be updated on a weekly basis

Mental Health Support

COVID-19 Daily Screener

Our parent screener can be found on our high school website. Visit and go to the tab, Students & Parents and click "Parent/Guardian Attestation Form"

Follow Our Physical Education Department on Instagram!

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Academy of Biomedical Science

Biomedical Pathway students enrolled in Human Body Systems are learning about how humans use vision to collect information from their external environment. Here, students are investigating the anatomy of a cow eye in order to better understand the relationship between form and function.

EE Honors Bio

Early Enrollment Honors Biology students designed a lab investigating the factors influencing transpiration in plants and the role of gas exchange in photosynthesis.

Spartans Give Back

The Izzy Foundation for Hasbro children's hospital is looking for donations of cases of water. They go through 30-40 bottles a day. IF you can donate there will be a sign in the lobby to leave them. All help is appreciated.

We will be collecting water for the Izzy room at hasbro children's hospital until Friday Jan 22. There is a sign on the side of the building where the middle school entrance is for drop off.

2021 Yearbook


Don't miss the opportunity to put an ad in for your senior this year!

Senior Parents here is the link to purchase your ad for the yearbook

click on yearbooks

then yearbook ads

SENIOR parents only a few days left to put an ad in for your senior. The deadline is January 24th.

Anyone that wants to order a personalized cover for your yearbook the deadline is also January 24th.

Spartan Athletics

Teams are actively practicing and we had a very successful first week! All athletic teams are following the appropriate Covid guidelines set forth by RIIL and RIDOH. We ask that no athletes be left at the gym to "hang out" as all school facilities will be closed outside of the practice schedule. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter Sal Gelsomino AD Scituate High School 401 226-1359

Athletic COVID Testing

Principal Hassell, Superintendent Andries , and Athletic Director, Mr. Gelsomino attended a RIDOH webinar last week. At this time, RIDOH and RIIL is strongly encouraging all athletes to schedule asymptomatic COVID-19 testing at least weekly using the RI K-12 Covid test sites.

While the Governor's office has still not approved games/competition, we are waiting for that decision this week. Parents and student should be prepared that weekly asymptomatic COVID testing may be required by the state of RI for winter athletes. We will communicate with you all as soon as anything is announced.

Visit Scituate High School's Website!

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Visit our Athletic Website


The Scituate School Department has released an updated non-discrimination policy. Please note that our Scituate High School 2018-2019 student and parent handbook was printed before the new statement was released. Therefore, the non-discrimination policy in this year's handbook is out of date. The current policy with updates is as follows:

The Scituate School Department does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, race, religion, national origin, color, creed, political affiliation or disability in any of its educational programs and activities, and in employment and application for employment, as required by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1965, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and other federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: Equal Employment Officer, P.O. Box 188, North Scituate, Rhode Island 02857, Telephone: (401) 647-4100; Email: You may also direct inquiries directly to: Office for Civil Rights (Boston Office), U.S. Department of Education, 8th Floor, 5 Post Office Square, Boston, MA 02109-3921, Telephone: (617) 289-0111; Facsimile: (617) 289-0150; Email: If you require an accommodation to attend a meeting or program at a school, call the Equal Employment Officer at least two business days in advance of the meeting or program.