Keepers Of The Zoo

By Bryton Foate, Zookeeper

Branch Of Science

I think that Zookeepers are part of life science because they take care of animal lives.

Education Path

To become a Zookeeper I will need to have a major in Animal Sciences. This major will help me understand animals. Classes in high school that would be very helpful are Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, Public Speaking, and Statistics & Probability. In college I will need a bachelors degree or higher in Biology or Zoology.

Training Schools and Colleges

I would like to go to the University of Washington in Seattle. I chose this college because I like the colder weather and it is a well known school. This public university is in an urban setting and is a 4+ year college. The student to faculty ratio is 11 students to 1 teacher; so the class size is fairly small.


The average GPA to get in the University of Washington was not listed, but the ACT is 28+ and the average SAT is 1340+.

About The Job

Zookeepers normally work more than the maximum 40 hours a week. They will work most weekends and some holidays and must be ready at a moments notice in case of an animal emergency. This job requests physical labor. Zookeepers are at constant risk of being injured by the zoo animals. They can work at zoos, aquariums, wildlife preserves, and animal farms.

What Factors Affect Employment For This Job?

Every year 110 jobs for Zookeepers open nationally. Every state has need of approximately 2.2 Zookeepers annually. So you have a better chance getting a job in another state.


Zookeepers make $13.25 per hour in Wisconsin. Annually that is $27,550.

They make $15.33 every hour nationally. Every year that is $31,880.

Salary changes depending on how much you will work.


I'm going to use Joanne Dean of Racine Zoological Society at 2131 N Main St. Racine, WI as one example of the many other employers in the U.S.A. The number Employed at the Racine Zoological Society is between 20 to 49.


This is a job that I would see my self doing in the future, but I would prefer to become an educator instead. The pros of having this job are working close with animals I like. The cons would be that I have to do a lot of physical labor as a Zookeeper.


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