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July Updates

Good Morning,

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of our work that we have been participating to ensure your child/ren's safety as we enter our building on August 19, 2020. We look forward to greeting your children with excitement as we look toward new opportunities.

We have assembled two teams. One team is our Health and Safety Team that is working to determine traffic flows, cohorts and classrooms, and general building preparations. The other team is our Academic Team. This team has been working on curriculum mapping, assessment, training our teachers in blended learning, addressing social emotional learning, and relevant faith formation.

We will not be holding our traditional packet pick up this year or our Backpack Blessing. Your teachers will be holding Zoom meetings to answer questions and to give you the updates that they would normally give you on our Backpack Blessing day.

As we release different aspects of our plan, we are placing them in one spot on our website to make it as convenient for you.

We would also like to provide you with the beginning of the school year calendar. This looks a little different than in the past. Due to the nature of the situation and the necessity to take temperature checks at the door, we will be holding a meet and greet with your children on the first day in shortened increments. The second and third days will also be shortened schedules to ease the students into the new normal. Please note that our start time for our 3-8th graders is 8:05 a.m. and our start time for our Pre K-2 students is 8:15 a.m. When COVID-19 passes our start time will be 8:05 a.m. for the entire school.

The calendar for August 19-25, 2020 is here:

During the next two weeks, your child/ren's teachers will be in touch with you to schedule the times. We will also brief you on our traffic patterns. You will notice that in order to have 300 students enter our building safely, we have found it necessary to stagger the start times. We understand that this will not be easy for all of our families, but it is in the best interest and safety of our children. We will have places in the lot for you to drop one child off at the door and wait if you have children with different start times.

Before our students enter the building, they will follow the following procedure: M.A.T.H

1) M - is your mask on?

2) A - ask questions,: How do you feel today?

3) T- Temperature Check

4) H - Hand Sanitizer

At that time, the children will enter the building and the building will be marked to allow for appropriate traffic flow.

In the event of inclement weather, we will be setting up a text messaging system. We will ask you to remain in your cars and when it is time, we will send the text message to your phones as to who will be able to enter the building. We will be communicating with all of you so that we have the proper cell phone information.

We know and understand none of this will be easy. We ask for your patience as we maneuver this very new normal ourselves.

Please call us with any questions.


We will be sending quite a bit of time in our classroom cohort. Due to the nature of this situation, we have agreed to allow the children to wear their gym uniforms throughout the school year. However, if you have already purchased the uniform, your child may wear that as well. We will be returning to the uniform policy when COVID-19 passes. You may purchase your uniform at the link below and our code is S0494.

Health Requirements

Below is the State of Illinois Health Requirements for all children. Please be sure to have this completed before the October deadline.

Yearbook Information

The company that prints the yearbook for St. Damian School was closed for the duration of Covid-19. They have notified us that the yearbook is going to print and they will let us know when it is two weeks away from us. At that time, we will let you know and arrange to have a pick up, signing party!
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Did you know you can still SHOP with Scrip! You can do it all online. And, this is so easy and convenient, you may just want to continue this option when we are all back in the building.

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