Gypsy Moth, Lymantria dispar dispar

By: Alex Michaud


Male and Females look very different. Females are seen most of often because they can not fly, also theyare much bigger than the males and have yellowish white wings with dark wavy lines along with dots. The males have a plain brownish gray color. Males also have a hairy antennae.


Gypsy moths were accidentally released by a scientist in Massachussettes and have since spread across the entire United States. When they are in the Caterpillar state they do damage to the trees that they occupy. The moths favorite trees to occupy are Oaks, Willows, and Birch trees.


The moth caterpillars can cause damage to trees by almost stripping an entire tree of its leaves. This process is called "deforesting" and can wipe out and entire section of forest. This is a problem because when a tree has no leaves it can not feed itself and it will die.
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Population Control

Scientists have not yet found a way to control the species but they do have many predators such as, birds, raccons, frogs, and many more.