Athletes With Gun Violence

By: Jonathan Ildefonso

How can Gun Violence be prevented??

Gun Violence can be prevented by going through mental rehab, more rules on gun safety, and by not letting people conceal a weapon.

Gun Safety

Gun Safety is where there are less guns in the community and less killings. There is a fact that Chicago had the most murders and killings in the year 2012. Most of the guns used to kill or murder people in the state of Illinois were unregistered hand guns. Most of the killings or suicides by athletes were registered hand guns.

Mental Health Therapy

This is when a person has to go through therapy for thinking of suicide or thinking of killing people. By going to therapy this will most likely decrease gun violence. Most football players sometimes have to go through mental health therapy because of the concussions and brain damage they get when they play football. The brain damage usually makes the player think about suicide.

Athletes and their families are becoming really anxious and scared about possible terrorist attacks at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, so much so that some families have decided not to attend and others plan to do their activities once they get to the Games in Russia.

Gun Rules

If we have more gun rules, less people will be able to have a weapon and there will be less number of murders. A lot of gun shops and consumers let their costumers buy guns for free or unregistered. Sometimes the guns are shipped from Cuba to gangs and Mobs or to famous athletes of all nations.

Former NFL running back Thomas Jones was always around guns, long before he became a football carrying member of the unofficial gun club with in the National Football League. Thomas Jones bought his first gun during his senior year at the University of Virginia, and, as a rookie with the Arizona Cardinals. He learned quickly that guns were a huge part of the NFL culture.


If we have all of these rules, gun safety, and the people who need mental health therapy go to their sessions, we wouldn't need to be scared as much as we are now. People are losing their lives and their family due to suicides or killings caused by guns. If we had more authority in place and gun shops gone, there would be more people living than dead.

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