Energy Resources

learn about nuclear and hydroelectric energy

Where is the resource found?

Nuclear energy is found in uranium.

Hydroelectric energy is found in water.

How is the resource formed?

Nuclear energy forms when two atoms split.

Hydroelectric energy forms when water flowing is used to power a generator.

How hydroelectricity works

The video above is a hydroelectric power plant.

How is this resource used?

Nuclear energy is used to power homes and buildings etc.

Hydroelectric energy is used also to power homes and buildings etc.

What cool facts and statistics can you find?

The first hydroelectric power plant was built at Niagara Falls in 1879.

There has only been three major disasters at nuclear power plants.

Big image

The picture above is a nuclear power plant in France.

What is one innovative alternative energy form you discovered?

Cement energy produces energy by going through heating and machinery.
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This is a Cement production chart.