By: Brian Tien

Back Ground Info

The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires. Also some major cities are Córoba and Rosario because have the second highest population in Argentina. In the past Argentina was controlled by Spain. But in 1816 Argentina declared and gained its independence. Argentina's official they speak is Spanish.

Geography of Argentina

Argentina is located in South America east of Chile, South of Bolivia, and West of Urugauy.

A fews physical features of Argentina are the Igazu Falls, Pampas, and the Aconcagua Mt.

Political and Diplomacy

Argentina's government is a a republic government and its leader is President Cristin Fernandez De Kirehner.

Economic and Trade Info

Argentina's currency is the peso and there economic system is capitalism. Argentina imports cars, petroleum, gas, vehicle parts, and refined petroleum. They import there goods from Brazil, China, United States, Germany, and Mexico. They export soybean meals, corn, cars, and delivery trucks. They export to Brazil, China, United States, Chile, and Spain. Argentina's number one trade partner is Brazil with 21%.