Radix Endeavor - An MMO game

ITC 5440 by Amy Medlock

Radix Endeavor Description/ Experience

Radix Endeavor will allow students to collaboratively and socially cover topics in biology, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. Players will build problem solving skills in environmental and societal situations by figuring out what the problem is, how to solve the problems and what factors need to be changed, resulting in a solution, improving lives, and/or saving the environment.
Radix Trailer

Educational Strengths of Radix Endeavor MMO

- Collaborative and relevant

- Problem solving skills using scientific method

- Integration of content areas with inquiry based learning

- Opportunity to learn from decisions (failure)

- Social aspect and goal setting

- Data monitoring and analysis through Teacher Portal

- Aligned with Core/ Essential Standards

- Free ,browser based, low bandwidth requirement

Educational Weaknesses of Radix Endeavor MMO

- Interest limitations (player doesn't decide what content to concentrate on)

- A 'quest' must be completed to be saved

- To reach a goal may take time, thus more time online

- Missing out on the real life experience, replaced by a virtual experience

- Not compatible with mobile devices, tablets

Educational Tasks Covered by Radix Endeavor

- Scientific method and inquiry based learning

- Problem solving skills and problem based learning

- Content concentration in geometry

- Content concentration in biology