DNA Unit

These are our assignments for the DNA Unit


You need to read pages 33-39 in your yellow book or on the edmodo link and make notes in your journal.


You will use the link in edmodo to complete pages 57-61 in your purple book. Part 1 we will do together later so skip it for now.

Materials you may need are at the front of the classroom.

DNA Video

Watch the attached video for a better understanding of DNA structure and function.

DNA Reading Science

Read the passage linked on edmodo and complete the reading science quiz. Note: you only have 20 minutes to complete the quiz once opened and questions are in random order.

DNA Open Ended Questions

Complete open ended questions and submit through edmodo. I will read these online.

DNA Fingerprinting

Complete the dna fingerprinting online lab and complete the attached discussion questions. Turn questions back in through edmodo and I will grade them from there.