Myers Minute


This week in reading we are working on comprehension strategies. These are strategies that allow students to have a deeper understanding of the text. Students have also started using the Lexia online reading program. This program will help me narrow in on specific areas of need for each child. The program is researched based and will help me ensure that students acquire all of the skills necessary to become competent readers.


This week in Math we have been working on data analysis. Doesn't that sound impressive for fourth graders?! The terms we are focusing on are the maximum, minimum, range, mode, and median. We are working on data collection and organization. Ask your child what we did with raisins in Math!


This week we are discussing the writing process. It is sometimes easy for children to think that authors and adults write everything perfect the first time! We will learn this year the steps to take a piece of writing from a rough draft to a published piece of writing. I am looking forward to putting their imaginations to good use!


Project time! Students are working in groups to come up with a new animal! Each child has a role in the group. As a group they have to decide where the animal will live, what it will eat, and what special characteristics it possesses. Groups will eventually draw and label their new creatures and create a presentation to share withe class. They have had lots of good questions so far!

Book Orders

Several students took advantage of the scholastic book orders last month. I'm sending home more order forms today. Please make sure your child's name, what items they are ordering, and a check made out to Scholastic Book Clubs. There are no taxes or extra fees. There are some great books and great bargains!