The Year My Sister Got Lucky

Aimee Friedman

losing your sister/ best friend

How does Katie deal with losing her sister and best friend?


Katie loves the high speed, high fashion urban life of New York. She does ballet with her sister who is also her best friend at a dance studio, She doesn't really have the body for it but she does have the determination to be great. her and her family moves to the rural city of fir lakes New York her life flashes before her eyes when there are no shopping malls and outlets for buy her high heels that she cherishes. Katie doesn't really know how to adjust to this life of grass, milking cows and even camping, her sister Michelea on the other hand is a social butterfly she loves her new life she has no trouble making friends at her new school and flirting with the hot quarterback. Katie feels like her and her best friend are drifting apart her only friend is now just another person in her house, they when from sharing everything to barely knowing anything about each other and the worst part about it she kept the biggest secret from her.
High school students, sister, and even siblings would loves this book it encourages the importance of sibling ship and staying close with one another because they are all you have in the end i give this book 5 stars
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