Disruptive Trends and Technologies Impacting the Automotive Industry: Presented by Jon Cropper

Peter Weyland's 2023 TED Talk

Government Orgaznizational Structure as Metaphor for Brand Community Design

Most societies are structured around 15 core cultural pillars. Futurlogic uses these as the framework for looking at the future:

Defense: Future of Security

Field Trip to Mars - Group VR Experience
DARPA ACTUV autonomous/unmanned ship project
Arati Prabhakar / Washington Ideas Forum

State: Diplomacy - Future of Connection

Facebook Doubles Down on Social VR with Spaces—Now in Beta!
The Grid | AI Websites That Design Themselves
Durex Fundawear -- Touch over the Internet [OFFICIAL]

Agriculture: Future of Food

The CNH Industrial Autonomous Tractor Concept (Full Version)
DJI MG-1S - Agricultural Wonder Drone
Why We Should Be Urban Farming

Labor: Future of Work

An Urbanizing Planet
Virtual Student Foreign Service Introduction


Uber's Self-Driving Truck Makes Its First Delivery | WIRED
Boeing: Lightest. Metal. Ever.
Unmanned Taxi In UAE - Drone Taxi Dubai EHang 184


Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy
Solar Mamas - Why Poverty?


Virtual Reality Could Bring Crime Scenes To The Courtroom
First Look: The Most Technologically Advanced Police Series Ever | Season 1 | APB

Housing: Future of Shelter

As housing starts to improve and as commercial real estate starts to improve and just construction in general, that's where you really start to see strength in the pickup truck market, as small businesses have to get these trucks so they can haul equipment and people back to the job sites

Economists look at many tea leaves as they try to determine the health of the economy. One of the most important surrounds vehicle sales, and more specifically pickup truck sales, which are tied to the construction industry

Apis Cor: first residential house has been printed!
30-Story Building Built In 15 Days (Time Lapse)

Commerce: Future of Trade

ShelfZone VR shopping experience - English version
Top 10 Hottest Kickstarter Projects (April 2017) Part 1

Education: Future of Knowledge Transfer

Automated Storytelling: Kris Hammond for the Future of StoryTelling 2012
EON Experience AVR - A Vision of the Future
Inside the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design

Health: Future of Life

da Vinci Surgical System - Peeling A Grape
Paraplegic Man Drinks a Beer Using a Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm
The Future of Telemedicine Today

Intelligence: Future of Information

Computational Psychology is a big game changer
The Power of Big Data and Psychographics
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