Project Based Learning


What is PBL

In Project Based Learning (PBL), students go through an extended process of inquiry in response to a complex question, problem, or challenge.

Components of PBL

  • entry document that introduces the problem
  • social contract
  • problem statement
  • rubrics
  • knows and needs to know
  • next steps
  • scaffolding activities
  • echo - site to show their reflections

We saw......

  • confident learners
  • learners in charge of their learning
  • collaboration
  • Engaged students
  • flexible scheduling
  • very relaxed and comfortable environment
  • a very positive feeling tone at New Tech--kids seem happy to be there
  • kids are given responsibility and trust

We thought ......

  • I thought it was great that students are in charge of biting on the bread crumbs of knowledge and learning.
  • What a different mindset! kids are not just “taught”...they develop their own “need to know”
  • It’s a completely different way of thinking about how we teach. Different focus, different type of teacher control.
  • Collaboration and student driven aspect was great.

  • The learning environment was really cool.
  • PBL is great preparation for college & how to get learners to think for themselves.
  • Taking a PBL approach to learning is good for the Learners as it can be tailored to meet the needs of the Learners.

I want to share .....

  • that I like the shift to student directed/driven learning and accountability
  • The benefits - teaching kids how to use personal technology responsibly, giving them multiple (back-to-back) experiences to figure out and practice working collaboratively.
  • kids don’t ask why they are learning what they are learning, they understand the purpose.
  • How the learners seemed to enjoy the way they learned.
  • Teachers we talked to stated they cover the required TEKS earlier in the school year and are better able to spiral the knowledge and skills through multiple PBLs over the course of a school year.
  • We asked what we could do in middle school to help and the teachers said by strengthening the Learners collaboration skills in terms of holding team mates accountable and not just doing all the work without consequence. Also, just because it’s a group that doesn’t mean everyone in the group receives the same grade.
  • ...the accountablility system.

    ...the cross-curricular project ideas.

    ...working in pods with other facilitators and learners.
PBL at New Tech High Coppell