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October 2022

Mr Taylor - Lead Stingray

October started off with care and concern for our west coast families with Hurricane Ian. Our custodial staff worked quickly to get our campus ready for the students' return. As a result of the west coast damage, the Humane Society of Indian River County acquired several animals as their shelter was damaged. As a team, our school decided to dedicate our annual "United Way Day of Caring" to provide supplies to support our Humane Society. Our drive runs through October 14th.

On October 11th, we begin the second quarter of school. I encourage you to monitor your child's progress often. Please communicate with your child's teacher, in a timely manner, of any missing assignments prior to the end of the marking period. If your child is in jeopardy of failing, we offer tutoring on Tuesdays to support their academic needs. Please reach out to your child's teacher for more information.

I look forward to building relationships with all of our Stingrays, including you as well. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

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SGMS Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to our very special "Mr Harris" as being selected as our 2023 Teacher of the Year. His work and dedication demonstrates our "ALL IN" motto.
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SGMS Employee of the Year

We are honored to announce that Mrs. Hannigan was selected as our 2023 SGMS Employee of the Year. Her smiling attitude represents the love we all feel for her everyday. Congratulations!
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Parent Acknowledgement Forms

If you have not completed your Parent Acknowledgement Forms on your Focus Parent Portal, please do so as soon as possible. These forms are used for media, medical, library, and Guidance permission regarding your student.

STOMP Out Bullying

October is World Bullying Prevention Month. Our students are encouraged daily to show kindness to one another and to stand up if they see someone being mistreated. Throughout the month, students will have the opportunity to show their support by writing notes of kindness and wearing blue on October 12th.

Course Recovery

If you have previously failed one or more semesters of a core academic course, you need to complete Course Recovery through Edgenuity. All classes must be completed and passed with a 70% or higher for promotion to high school. Edgenuity is found on ClassLink and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Please see Guidance if you have any questions.
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Upcoming Events

Friday, October 7th SRHS 8th Grade Band Night

Saturday, October 8th, Crown Jewel 8th Grade Band Performance

Thursday, October 6th-14th Humane Society Collection drive

Monday, October 10th, End of 1st quarter

Saturday, October 15th, Day of Caring- Humane Society Culminating activity

Monday, October 17th, Casual for a Cause ($1 dress down for Youth Sailing Foundation)

Tuesday, October 18th, SAC Meeting

Friday, October 21st, Report Cards Published on Focus.

Friday October 28th, NO SCHOOL

Monday October 31st, NO SCHOOL

Upcoming Events:

BOOKFAIR: November 9th-18th

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SGMS Math Moves by your Children😊

SGMS Math Moves by your Stingray Children

6th Grade:

This month your 6th graders will be delving deeper into Integers and learning how to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide these types of numbers. Adding and subtracting Integers (positive whole numbers and their opposites) can sometimes be challenging for students, so keep an ear out for any concerns or frustrations your 6th grader may be having. During this unit they will apply their knowledge of these operations to Real World problems.

6th Accelerated:

These 6th Grade students will be working hard in their unit on Numerical and Algebraic Expressions. You will hear and see work with powers, exponents, expressions, integers, rational numbers, prime numbers, composite numbers, and prime factorization. They will also be evaluating algebraic expression with substitution using this prior knowledge. This unit is a large part of the foundation for algebraic reasoning!

7th Grade:

This month our 7th graders will be working diligently to become procedurally fluent with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing rational numbers. They will start out by learning how to rewrite all rational numbers in the same form in order for them to solve mathematical and real-world problems. The Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning standard this helps them to be successful with is “Completing tasks with mathematical fluency”. They will be working hard so let’s all encourage them!!!

7thAcc and 8th Grade:

For most of the month of October these mathematicians will be further solidifying their foundation for Algebra by solving and applying linear equations and linear inequalities with multiple steps. One area of this unit includes determining the number of solutions to these multi-step linear equations which builds the Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning Standard of “Using patterns and structure to help understand and connect mathematical concepts”.

Algebra Honors:

Your Algebra students will continue their journey into the world of Linear Functions working with different forms of writing these functions based on the different models they are given and then use that to extrapolate information from these functions in real-world problems. These students are learning using their Thinking and Reasoning Standard of ‘Demonstrating understanding by representing problem in multiple ways”.

Geometry Honors:

In October, these students will continue proving relationships and theorems about lines and angles, use coordinate geometry to solve mathematical and real-world geometric problems involving lines, circles, triangles, and quadrilaterals. Toward the middle of the month, they will start their transformations and symmetry unit. They will take a preimage and image, describe the transformation and represent the transformation algebraically using coordinates. Our students will use their Thinking and Reasoning Standard by “using patterns and structure to help understand and connect mathematical concepts”.

B.E.S.T. (Benchmarks for Exceptional Student Thinking)

MTR’s (Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning Standards)

Mathematical Thinking and Reasoning Standards are being supported by Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics at STORM GROVE MIDDLE SCHOOL!

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Community Sponsors for PBIS

Thank you to our Community Sponsors for supporting our PBIS Rewards program. Each of the companies below have donated gift certificates or reward items for our students. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact
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Quick and Easy Safety Tip Submission

By accessing FortifyFL, students can provide a description of the threat, share pics and videos and optionally submit their contact information.

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