March 2014

Riverhouse Children's Center Newsletter

Riverhouse Mission Statement

The mission of the Riverhouse Children’s Center is to provide high quality care and early education services to young children. Riverhouse believes all families deserve access to exemplary child care regardless of socioeconomic status, disability, family composition, race, ethnicity, national origin, religious beliefs or political affiliation.

Upcoming Events

Parent's Night Out- March 14, 2014

All Parent Meeting March 19th

Fire Truck Visit: TBA

Scholastic Book Fair April 7, 2014

Upcoming Closure Dates:

March 24-28 Spring Break

School Photos week of April 14

Cheers for Children May 10, 2014

Welcome to our New Board Members!

Kathryn Eppich - Member

Kathryn joined the Board in February 2014. Kathryn has a granddaughter that attends Riverhouse, Alyson in the Hummingbird Classroom. Kathryn has many years of experience in Community Services and she has sat on many Boards throughout the community. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood/Family Development. Kathryn developed an efficient and successful Preschool, where she was the Director for 11 years. Kathryn is a great assets to the Riverhouse Board because of her leadership skills, community relations and her enthusiastic attitude to get it done!

Diana Murray - Member

Diana joined the Board in February 2014. Diana is a parent to Noah in the Chickadee classroom. Diana comes with 10 years of experience in a broad range of marketing and focuses on management and strategic marketing for small business and organizations. Diana is very knowledgeable in HR related areas such as payroll processing, personnel management and compliance. Diana is also employed with ASAP.

Meg Cook - Secretary

Meg joined the Board in January 2014. Meg is the proud co-owner of Durango Sitters and has more than 10 years experience working with children and families. Meg has a history of marketing, networking, payroll, bookkeeping and early childhood experience that she brings to the Riverhouse Board.

Other Members of the Board:

Kim Barker- President

Jessica Obleton - Vice President

Lauren Ziesel - Treasurer

Megan Funk - Member

Please visit our website for more information:

Riverhouse Staff Members

Chickadee Classroom: Extension 15

Erika Beardsley -Lead

Meghan Roberts - Aide

Morning Float: TBA

Lou Zinser - Afternoon Float for both the Chickadee and Hummingbird Classrooms

Hummingbird Classroom: Extension 14

Rebecca Wiehe - Lead

Barbara Rod - Aide

Sparrows: Extension 16

Katie Valentine - Lead

Heather Schaaf - Aide

Elke Blacksten - Aide

Blue Jay: Extension 17

Colombe Girolimon - Lead

Megan Van Gulik - Aide

Nicole Neales - Aide

Starlings: Extension 13

Kim Rabick - Lead

Claudia Wethall - Lead

Katie Sawyer - Aide

Cheers for Children Save the Date:

Cheers for Children, a wine tasting and silent auction, is Riverhouse's largest annual fundraiser. In 2013, Riverhouse raised roughly $25,000 and over 200 people attended. We are proud to announce that the Glacier Club will be partnering with us again to host the 5th annual Cheers for Children event. The event will take place on May 10, 2014 at the Glacier Club from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. and will include an extensive wine tasting menu, scrumptious appetizers, a high-end silent auction, live classical music and a pledge card drive. All proceeds from Cheers for Children will directly benefit the children and families of the Riverhouse Children's Center. We hope you can attend. Early bird tickets are already on sale and can be purchased online at .

* We are already collecting silent auction items for this event. If you have something to donate or have a connection to a local business please contact Brenna because we are already in contact with some local businesses.

* We are looking to form a Parent Volunteer Committee to help with the Event, please contact us if you are interested. A sign up sheet will also be available at the March 19th Parent Meeting.

All School Parent Meeting March 19, 2014

When: March 19, 2014 at 5:30pm

Where: Riverhouse Children's Center

What: Direction of Riverhouse/Strategic Plan, Cheers for Children Event and meet the Board.

Childcare and dinner(pizza) will be provided! Sign ups are required, you may email Heather or sign up in the office.

Pediatric Dental Presentation

Huge hit with the children and Miss Meghan the Aide from the Chickadee Classroom had to come see the Tooth Fairy too!

Important Safety Reminder to all Parents

This is a reminder to please avoid holding the door for people, this is a safety issue. We do not want people we do not know entering the building, so please remind those who are not a parent of Riverhouse that they have to buzz themselves in and that it is clearly for the safety of our families we serve.

Thank you!

Riverhouse Children's Center Calendar

Please take a look at our approved 2014-15 Calendar (March 2014-March 2015) located on our website:

A copy will also be emailed out!

Parent Resources

Check out this wonderful website below! Awesome Resources for families!

Colorado State University Family Matters Newsletter

This website has great healthy food tips and ideas for parents with a few recipes in each issue.

Riverhouse's 5th Annual Photo Day

We are excited that Photo's by Benjamin is the artist/photographer who will providing the 2014 Photo Day for Riverhouse this year! You can check out Ben Martinez's website at:

Last year we had more than 40 families participate in the fundraiser and we are hoping to increase participation this year. A portion of the proceeds from the Photo Day will go to Riverhouse!

The photo days will take place the week of April 14th- April 18th.

Order forms and more information will be sent in a separate email and will be due April 1st.

Summer Schedule Request

Summer Schedule Request forms will be emailed out to parents and a copy will be put in your child's cubby or bag! This is due April 1, 2014! Summer schedules will begin June 2nd.

Muchkin Kidz Mart

The Fall of 2013 Munchkin Kidz Mart Children's consignment sale held in Durango was a huge success. Not only were parents able to recycle and purchase children's items but the buyers and sellers were given the opportunity to donate 5% of their purchases/sales to their favorite schools, churches or non-profits.

Riverhouse benefits from parents selling their lightly used clothes to Muchkin Kidz Mart.

Their next big sale will be March 15 & 16, located at the La Plata County Fairgrounds.

Please check out the website: