The Red Cross Blood Drive

What Exactly is the Red Cross Blood Drive

The blood drive gives everyone an opportunity to give back to their community, by providing a safe and clean environment for you to donate blood. During donation they take merely 1 liter of blood (on average about 1/10th of your available blood) to someone in need. Giving back to the community is just one of the many great ways to be an active citizen

My Take on the Blood Drive

The Blood Drive wasn't super awesome. After waiting in a 2 hour line, I had to fill out a bunch of personal information, and then I was directed towards the blood draw station. The nurse directed me to squeeze the ball every 10 seconds, and to lay down and relax. Keep in mind I have no fear giving blood, as I already have to do so at the doctor's ever so often. As I was laying down I got caught up in a conversation with someone, and I began just rapidly pumping the ball without noticing. It wasn't until that person said ," wow your bag is filling up really fast" that I began to feel like I was gonna pass out. It sounded as if someone turned the volume down on life for a moment, and everything started getting really dark. I then politely informed a nurse that I felt I was going to pass out. She had someone bring me juice and ice. Just moments later, I was feeling better, and thankfully didn't pass out. So I guess you could say I had a rough time. Although my first experience was rough, I would gladly do it again to give back to the community. I learned that giving blood can be a rough experience, but with the support of others, it can still be an enjoyable one. I would certainly recommend this event to others :).
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