5th Grade Math

Sumner Attendance Center

This Week

To begin this week, students will have a quiz on Tuesday over place value. On Wednesday, we will begin working on multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10. When we learn this skill, we do not "move the decimal point" to the right or left. Instead, students are taught to "shift the digits" to the right or left. For example, for the problem 3.2 x 10, we would say that the digits shift one place to the left.

Additionally, we will be getting to more multiplication in the next few weeks. Fifth graders are expected to know their multiplication facts. If your student needs a set of flash cards to practice at home, please let me know, and I will get them a set.

5th grade assignments for the week can be found here. Homework helpers and videos can be found on the 5th grade website.


Any assignment that has a "Please Correct" stamped or written on it can be corrected and turned back in for partial credit. This can be done with assistance from a parent or teacher. The new work must be shown and papers must be turned in by the end of the quarter to get credit!

Students who have completed all required levels of Zearn will receive a prize at the end of the school year. Students may work on this at home. However, students may not have help on the "Tower of Power" section. Students already have their username and password written in the front of their planner.

If your child needs extra help with math, he or she may come to my room before school. I am at school by 7:40 each morning. I am also available during recess if a student talks to me beforehand.