Mrs. Carlson's Weekly Newsletter

A Peek Into Our Busy Classroom!

The Life of Mrs. Carlson

This weekend we celebrated Mr. Carlson's birthday! We had dinner at Lockhart's BBQ!

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Reminders and Annoucements

Scholastic book orders are placed the last Friday of each month. Please click on the link below to place an online order. The next order will be placed Friday March 25th

Reading Log: Students should be logging 30 minutes of reading at least 4 days per week. After reading is complete students should fill out the reading log and have you initial.

*Reading Logs will be tracked through the March is Reading Month Weekly reading logs. Remember that each week a student turns in their log, they get a sticker and a prize! If they collect all 4 stickers, they will receive tickets towards the fun fair!


  • March 25th- No School
  • March 31st- Open House- 6:30-8:00 p.m. Science Fair Gallery Walk During science fair
  • April 1st-April 10th- Spring Break
  • April 15th-April 22nd- Scholastic Book Fair

Odds and Ends

  • There will be a guest teacher on Wednesday. I will be gone the entire day at a meeting.
  • Unit 5 Math test is Wednesday and Thursday of this week. **Please note that study guides will be turned in this unit. The answer key is attached for your convenience.
  • Spelling Test and Homework: New words coming home on Monday. The test will be Thursday March 31st.
  • Reading Log due tomorrow for Week 3!

Late Start Dates:

April 13th

April 20th

April 27th

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • What is a metric conversion? What are the different metric measurements you can convert?
  • What is the saying that helps you remember the conversion?
  • How do you convert? Show me how to convert 35 mm to cm. Convert 457 cm to meters.
  • Show me a strategy to convert measures of time, length, and capacity.
  • Tell me the story of Gallon Land
  • Did you begin your study guide for the unit test?
  • Tell me about the nonfiction book you chose in library this week?
  • Did you bring in your favorite book?
  • Did you book shop this week? What books are you currently reading in Reader's Workshop?
  • Did you check any books out of Mrs. Carlson's library this week? If not, try to find a book and bring it home this week!

  • Did you bring home your Friday Folder?
  • Can you share your planner with me?

This Week

  • In Math we finished our unit on measurement. Students continued to practice measurement conversions and solving real world problems using different strategies.
  • Students also reviewed Area and Perimeter. Attached is a picture that is also in their math notebooks.

Metric Conversions: King Henry Died Unusually Drinking Chocolate Milk

  • Each bold letter stands for a different unit on the conversion chart. Kilo, Hecto, Deca, Unit (Base: Meter, Liter, Gram) Deci, Centi, Milli.

The Story of Gallon Land is a quick story that helps students to remember standard liquid conversions.

In Gallon Land there were 4 Queens (Quarts). Each Queen had 2 Princes (Pints). Each Prince had to Children (Cups). Each child had 8 Fun Little Toys (Each cup is 8 Fluid Ounces)

  • In Reading we began our nonfiction unit.
  • Students began practicing identifying main idea and details in shorter nonfiction passages.
  • They used this skill to apply in their own nonfiction reading.

  • In science we continued our new unit on ecosystems.
  • Students have been discussing food chains and food webs and how important these are in creating a balanced ecosystem.
  • Students began thinking about what they can do to help our ecosystems.

Next Week

READING: Unit 4- Nonfiction

Students will...

  • Students continue practicing nonfiction reading skills and applying it in their independent reading
  • Students will begin practicing skills such as: compare/contrast, cause/effect, main idea/detail.

MATH: Unit 5 Measurement

Students will...

  • review measurement concepts
  • complete a unit assessment to show what they know.
  • Please study conversions with students as they will not have conversion charts on the assessment.

SCIENCE: Unit 4- Ecosystems

Students will...

  • create a Wildlife Friendly Backyard
  • share their backyard plans and justify what they chose to put in their backyard and why.
  • students will review concepts of ecosystems.
  • Students will be tested on ecosystem concepts on Wednesday March 30th. A study guide will go home Wednesday.
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