May the Force Be With You

Enjoy the Star Wars activities, games and crafts.

Code a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Learn to program droids and code your own Star Wars game in a galaxy far, far away!



Star Wars drag and drop online puzzles

Star Wars and Science

Learn the science behind space travel, robot technology, and more. Click Here


Print your Star Wars bookmark here or create your own.

Disney Star Wars Reads Activities

Word searches, coloring pages, Mad Libs and more! Click Here

Bill Nye Explains Holograms with Emoji

Have you ever wondered how all of those holograms worked in the Star Wars movies? Bill Nye is here at the GE emoji Science Lab to explain everything you need to know about holograms. Click Here

How to Draw Baby Yoda

Learn how to draw Baby Yoda from Disney’s new Mandalorian series in nine easy steps. Click Here

LEGO Star Wars Mosaic Building Cards

Follow the link to 10 LEGO® mosaic building cards. Click Here

Star Wars on Google Earth?!

Celebrate the locations used in filming the Star Wars movies on Google Earth! Click Here and then hit present once the page has loaded.

Hyperspace Dash

Help the rebels find their relocated base. Click Here

Solo Shuffle

Match the characters and earn points. Click Here

Don't Let the Wookiee Win

Play Chewie's version of Tic Tac Toe