Native Americans

info about Natives Americans by JMM



  • They consrtucted dams ,ditches ,and even canals to trap of mesa to the garden the canyon floor
  • there house made was made out of adobe and stone
  • heart the civiliztion in Chaco Canyon was the Publeo Bonito where there was a complex of more then 1000 people
  • From Publeo they bulit roads for there trading routes
  • Craftsmen made jewerly,woven baskets and pottery
  • heavily influnced art work and arch was made from a group of Hopi and Zuni


  • They lived in the Ohio Valley
  • They grew squash ,sunflowers ,and gourds
  • They produced exquisite copper and jewelry
  • Elbroate burial mounds made up of some log structures


  • They arrived in Ohio Valley in the 300's
  • They bulit mounds that were 40 feet [some of them]
  • They had artifacts and suggested to sell them on the trade route
  • Adena and Hopewell were referred to the trade net work


  • Arrived in missippi
  • Had plants
  • They incresased there population
  • They had more land with about 10,000 people
  • There surrondings were massive mound were 120 mounds