Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Term 3 Week 5

What a wonderful week!

WOW! What an action packed week it has been in the UES. We returned from a long weekend break with a splash! The buzz and excitement on Tuesday morning was uplifting as the children participated with enthusiasm, diligence and excellence at the annual SJIIES Swim Gala. The unity of the SJIIES community was evident as the children, teachers and parents cheered on the competitors in each heat. The remainder of the week continued with commitment to learning as we began our new Language Arts topic by immersing ourselves in stories with dilemmas. In maths lessons we continued to prepare for our upcoming test. And to think we did all this in just four days! Imagine what we could achieve next week!

Virtue of the week......


Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.

Isaac Newton

UES Swim Gala Champions 2016 - Saint Mutien

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Super Swimmers!

Language Arts - Stories with a dilemma

This week we started our final unit for Grade 6 Extended, Stories with Dilemmas. As always the children were engaged and immersed themselves fully in all tasks. We read stories and traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to America with Jessie, an immigrant who had hopes and dreams about reaching Ellis Island. We delved deep into her thoughts and feelings evoking powerful descriptions about her journey and the challenges that she faced through 'freeze framing'. We also read about Annie, who crossed the Atlantic, hoping to be reunited with her parents in New York. In class we were gripped by Annie's sadness for the family she left behind and empathised with her trepidation about the strange new country that she was heading for. Later in the week we were captivated by Anh Do's mesmerizing journey from war torn Vietnam to Australia. This personal account helped to build a bank of emotive language and powerful images.

Next week we will continue our journey with many more migrants and begin our writing phase.

Maths - Triangles and four sided figures

The children continued exploring the ways that they can find angles in a figure of four-sided figures and triangles. Remembering the properties of these figures and the lines will help them find out the unknown angles efficiently. Children can refer to page 70 and page 71 for all the geometrical properties. Below is a link where children can visit to recall the properties of the four-sided figures.

Children are still strongly encouraged to trace the lines and label the angles. Doing these will help them visualise better and thus, helping them in their problem solving process. Some samples of good presentation are featured here.

Test date: 12 May 2015, Thursday.

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IPC - Moving People

In IPC this week the children presented their Home Learning project to their partners. The children have to commended for their creativity, excellence and commitment to their tasks. Partners listened with interest as they heard the stories of their friends family history. We heard about Grandparents journeying to better lands and safer communities, we heard about parents moving for career opportunities and siblings travels for education. Each story was both touching and individual. At the end of the session we reflected on the reasons why people migrate today and recalled that not all migrations stories are for happy reasons. Next week, we begin to look at the Geography aspect of our unit and study the impact that Natural Disasters play on migration.

Dates for your diary

Olympic Star UES Visit - Wednesday, May 11th at 8 am

Mufti Day - Thursday, May 12th

Grade 6 Chinese Exams - Thursday, May 12th at 2pm

Founders Day - Friday, 13th May (School finishes at 12.20 pm)

Grade 4 - 6 Sports Day at Clementi - Wednesday, May 18th from 8.30 am

Choicez Media Puberty Program (in class for Grade 6 students) - Tuesday May 24th, 31st and June 7th from 8.20 - 9.20 am

Cinema Under the Stars - Friday, May 20th

Grade 6 End of Year Mathematics Test - Thursday, June 9th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point - Wednesday, June 15th

End of School Year - Friday, June 17th at 12.20pm