Team Freatman All Hearts

October Newsletter

Welcome Holiday!!

Hi team!!!! Can you believe it is October and the Holiday launch is here!!!!! I have included all of the links in this email to view the new holiday items. I just can’t say enough about them!! Personally, my fall calendar has never been fuller and parties are throwing way higher order averages than ever. How - I have made a conscious effort to call customers and share Origami Owl. Remember when you first started your business - the excitement that you had! I guarantee that if you work your business with the same excitement that you did when you started your business - the opportunities are there! Most important are practicing the Vital Behaviors - and they are so easy! Read more about those below!!! Origami Owl is about telling stories. That is what draws people to our product. Share your stories, take pictures of your customers lockets (with their permission) and ask if you can share. Share your business with two people every day to plant those seeds and watch your business flourish!!!


Michelle Freatman

Senior Director/Team All Hearts

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Top Sales for September!!!!

Daniza & Michael Santiago 4646.3

Laura Brandon 4190.2

Holly Corbett 2976.3

Mirta Hernandez 2606

jacalyn hoffman 2480.7

Pam Rodriguez 2065.8

Terra Roth 2006.2

Becky & Nick Peterson 1972.7

Karyn Ruggiero 1745.8

MeLisa Dokos 1644.7

Crystal Custard 1570.5

Jill & Tim Snowden 1558.1

Nikki Monari 1556.2

anabel vasquez 1527.1

Michelle Freatman 1521.7

Jan Marie Tartaglio 1507.9

Robin Kaufman 1506.4

Sonia Powell 1495.6

Raina Bellafiore 1427.8

Molly Moore 1374.5

Earn the 1st Quarter 2016 Valentines by being a Storyteller or Owlchiever!

Earn an Early *Treat* For Valentine’s Day

How do we love thee?
Let us count the ways!

We love thee *SO* much we can’t wait to surprise you with our Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive!

Just by earning myO2 Rewards points in October, you could earn the Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive for FREE or at a 50% discount.

How to Earn Your Valentine’s Treat

Qualify between October 1, 2015 – October 31, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (CST)

+ Be an Owlchiever Club member during the month of October by earning 5 or more myO2 Rewards Points and you’ll earn your Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive for FREE!


+ Earn 1-4 myO2 Rewards Points during the month of October and you’ll earn your Valentine’s Day Hostess Exclusive at a 50% discount!

If you earn your Valentine’s Day treat for free it will begin shipping to you on December 8, 2015. If you earn it at 50% off, be sure to log in to your Back Office to purchase the Hostess Exclusive starting December 8, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. (CST) until January 3, 2016 at 12:00 p.m. (CST)!

Start booking your Jewelry Bars now so you’re prepped and ready for one LOVELY 2016!

To learn more about this sweet program, visit the myO2 Rewards Program section of your Back Office.

The Nest

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New Holly Jolly Box of Happy Limited Edition Kit and Sneak Peak Holiday Videos!!!

I always think that Origami Owl can’t possibly come out with something better than they previously have - well, they have done it again and have blown it out of the water! This Holiday Reveal and collection are just incredible. I will tell you - I have had customers calling me to book parties - share share share!! You can share the reveal videos for the new items on your social media! The Holly Jolly Box of Happy I have shared personally with people that I am talking to that are interested, but I am not sure that it is meant for us to post on social media so hold off on that one unless the Nest gives us the go ahead. Love love love!!! You don’t want to miss this preview of the Holly Jolly Box of Happy Business Kit!!! Day 1 of the Holiday Sneak Peak - amazing new charms! Mad for Plaid!!!! The most amazing Nativity items you have ever seen! Something for your Man!! The Locket you have been waiting for!