Body Image and Art

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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? An artist? A dancer? A performer? Or do you see a problem to overcome? A few pounds that are holding you back? Artists can have a challenging relationship with their bodies. Those things that you see as an obstacle might just be the very things that make you perfect for the part or allow you to create your beautiful art.

In this edition, you will find stories from real working artists about their relationship with their bodies.

Take Back the Tutu

The St. Paul City Ballet has partnered with The Emily Project for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week with a social media and photography project, "Take Back the Tutu."

They describe the project on Facebook this way: "To 'Take Back the Tutu' is to be empowered to take ownership of our art and throw away the idea that we have to look a certain way to wear the tutu.

An excerpt from one dancers story:

From Zoe Henrot: "Three Words: Long. Lean. Beautiful. Growing up in a ballet school, these were the three words I used to describe the physique of a professional ballerina. While standing at the barre in ballet class everyday I would make a checklist for myself as I observed my own body in the mirror: make thighs smaller, waist thinner, and legs longer. I thought that if these changes were made in my own body, then I would maybe have a chance at becoming a professional ballerina like the ones I saw in all of the movies and magazines. As I grew into my body and my dance career, I came to realize that my checklist was quite unattainable within my anatomy"... click here to read the rest of Zoe's story and her from others

You can also listen to a radio interview with one of the dancers and hear about her experience with the project.

A Singers Transformation

New Hungarian singer best known as Boggie created a viral music video that is leaving people stunned at the incredible Photoshop transformation the singer receives while singing in real time. The chorus translates in English to, "Of beauty, preciousness; they cannot change me, Peerless, unparalleled. The new fragrance is myself," while another verse stated, "mascara, blush, lipstick, lipsticks, lip liners, eye shadow, foundation, nail, pressed powder and I do not want it."
BOGGIE - NOUVEAU PARFUM (official music video)

Don't Forget about the Photo Contest

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The fine print:

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