Bill Of Rights

DeTerian Johnson, 5th period, 12-17-14

What is the Bill of Rights?

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 Amendments to the United States Constitution.

Bill 1: Freedom of Speech

It means that you can be anything you want. You can be any religion.

Court Case: U.S vs O'brien- Ruled that a criminal prohibition against burning a draft card did not violate the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free speech.

Bill 2: Right to Bear Arms.

You have a right to defend yourself

Court Case: Bliss vs. Commonwealth- The US Supreme Court charged Mr.Bliss with a 100$ fine for having a sword hidden in a cane.

Bill 3: Right to Privacy

Soldiers can't barge into your home. They have to have a search warrant.

Court Case: Nevada vs. Court- A Nevada man claimed that American Police were using his house to gain a "strategic advantage." The case was never closed.

Bill 4: Unreasonable Search

Police can't search you or your property without a search warrant.

Court Case: Arizona vs. Evans- When court instituted an exception allowing evidence obtained through a search without a warrant. The court never finished the case.

Bill 5: Double Jeopardy

You can take away your freedom.

Court Case: Bolling vs. Sharpe- The court was arguing whether to take away segregation in Washington D.C. schools.

Bill 6: Right of the Accused

You can't keep a trial secret. Trials should happen ASAP.

Court Case: Painter vs. Sweatt- The court wasn't going to give Herman Marion Sweatt equal rights in his trial against Theophilius Painter, because he was of African American decent.

Bill 7: Right to a Jury Trial

Civil cases are involving lots of money.

Court Case: Tinker vs. Des Moines- The Des Moines Independent School District wouldn't give John F. Tinker and his siblings a jury trial. The DMISD scheduled a court case against the Tinker's for wearing black armbands to school, in protest of the Vietnam War and Supporting the Christmas Truce.

Bill 8: No cruel Punishment

Punishment should fit the crime. No cruel or unusual punishment.

Court Case: Robinson vs. California- Robinson was criminalized for being addicted to narcotics. The US Supreme Court was trying to decide whether the punishment was to excessive in light of the nature of the crime.

Bill 9: Rights Retained

Government can't take away rights.

Court Case: Roe vs. Wade- The US Supreme Court was going to take away the rights of the 14th Amendment by outlawing abortion.

Bill 10: Limiting federal Powers

States can't have all the power.

Court Case: Hammer vs. Dagenhart- The US Supreme Court was ruling that regulation of child labor in purely internal (to a single state) manufacturing. The products can never enter the power of Congress.