for our deceased Ichthyostega

By Emily A.

Ichthyostega stensioei lived 370 million years ago from the late Devonian Period to the beginning of the Carboniferous Period. He lived during the Paleozoic Era. The fossils of Ichthyostega were found in Eastern Greenland and were about 1 to 1.5 meters long. He had a large tail, scales, seven toes on each leg and gills for breathing underwater. Fish were thought to be his main source of food. Ichthyostega’s closest relatives were Acanthostega and Tiktaalik, who have both previously passed away. The first fossil of Ichthyostega was discovered and named in 1932 by Säve-Söderbergh. Discovering that Ichthyostega was a tetrapod, he named Ichthyostega “fish plate” after the top of the fossils skull.

Our beloved Ichthyostega was the first tetrapod in existence. Ichthyostega had four legs and was partly aquatic but could also survive on land. He was part fish and part amphibian, but was mostly amphibian. He was more developed to living in the water but could support his weight on land because he had overlapping ribs in his rib cage to protect his lungs. Ichthyostega spent more time in the water when he was young, and when he got older, the shape of his shoulders changed, allowing more room for him to support arm muscles, which led him to spend more time on land as an adult. Also, Ichthyostega had a hard time walking on land. He couldn’t walk using his back legs because from how he stands on his front legs his back legs aren’t fully touching the ground. Because of this, Ichthyostega had to pull himself using only his front legs on land. Ichthyostega was an amazing tetrapod and will be remembered by all his friends and family. Thank you, Ichthyostega stensioei.

Video of how ichthyostega lived

Animal Armageddon: Part Fish?

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