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February 18, 2016

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Spotlight of the Week: Nil Lakhani

Our Student Spotlight this week is Nil Lakhani, first year MBA student. Congratulations go to Nil for landing a summer internship with Johnson & Johnson!

Nil credits her second-year mentor Bernice Fernandes with encouraging her to attend a Diversity Conference. Nil chose to attend the Women's MBA Conference in Houston, Texas. Her top three target companies at the conference were Amazon, Morgan Stanley and Johnson & Johnson. She wanted to intern with a well-established company in a Finance MBA Internship Program. After being introduced to Johnson & Johnson at the conference, Nil found that their strong reputation and impressive finance internship program was exactly what she was looking for. She connected with the recruitment staff at the conference and in return Johnson & Johnson committed to developing Nil as a future business leader. Nil hopes to work in the Consumer Products organization with the Marketing team in strategy or analytics.

Nil started her career working for JPMorgan Chase shortly after graduating from Mount Holyoke College. She was there for almost 8 years in JPMorgan Chase's Finance organization and was able to rotate through different roles by building a strong reputation and having internal advocates.

She is very involved in her first year serving as Student Ambassador, Member of TEC, Member of the Alumni Relations Committee in Student Government, and a Member of the Women's MBA Club.

For those students still seeking summer internships or full-time jobs, Nil has some excellent tips.

  • "A firm handshake, a bright smile and strong eye contact go a long way. Most of our communication is non-verbal and I believe that we don't spend enough time evaluating how we present ourselves and how that presentation is being received by the interviewer. In order to see how you can present yourself in an effective manner I recommend doing as many mock interviews as you can so that you can get solid feedback on what to continue and what you can improve on and what you should discard in order to give an effective interview as possible."

  • "Don't oversell but don't undersell…selling our stories should be hard coded in our DNA; however, from prior experience as an interviewer I have found that candidates can unintentionally undersell themselves. For example, they don't believe the school they go to is good enough, or that they don't fulfill all of the requirements listed on a job application. In believing this about themselves, their answers to questions can sometimes be communicated as apologetic. It is how you connect your prior experience, skills and education to what the employer is looking for and the story that you can tell around it to demonstrate how you are qualified is what the matters most. To put it simply, confidence is key."

Great advice Nil and well done!

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Six Ways to Be Interesting in Your Interview

Interviewing is about first impressions and being boring or blasé won't cut it. You need to standout and be memorable during your interview. This article describes six ways to do just that.

Click here for the full article:
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  • Account Executive - NBC Universal
  • Graduate Internships - THE CAPITAL GROUP
  • Business Development Internship- Hommily, Inc.
  • Business Strategy Manager - ADOBE
  • Business Strategy & Pricing Intern - ADOBE
  • Marketing Manager - POM Wonderful LLC
  • Worksite Wellness Program Intern - KAISER PERMANENTE
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