Manassas High School Experience


Bill did a good job showing that the high school football team was undefeated.

defining the purpose

I believe Bill the documentor, did an amazing job showing the kids being undefeated. Although not concretely but in an abstract way. The team's season wasn't an undefeated record but being taught to maintain disciplined and have character allowed the students to improve themselves and never give up when life hits you hard-becoming undefeated. Such as manning up when the team loses or much deeper, when you don't have what others do such as a good education, or even a parent.

Achieved the Purpose

Three examples that showed the purpose of Bill filming this documentary is that throughout the film it allows the viewer to see first hand the homes and things the student athletes are going through which is key, for their troubles are what make each player undefeated, by never giving up on making it out of their current state. Another technique is the constant reminding of character and discipline and what being a man really is. Each team gathering they had, Bill did an amazing job of pulling aside players or up front telling them what they need to do to accomplish what they want. In the film the transitions were moving. Whether it being the sunset going down, seeing the neighborhoods trashed, or the music being played during. These techniques allow the viewer to be engaged and work as attention grabbers for them. Therefore I believe that this documentary did achieve its purpose for it helped achieve each of the student athletes lives to improve and never give up.


Overall i feel that this documentary was very moving and a job well done. Watching this reminded me how our coach tells us to always play hard, smart and no matter what happens leave it on the field. Even when the team is winning, coach still tells us the game is 0-0 until the end of the game, in order to keep our mindsets right. This film makes me and most likely everyone who watches it feel grateful and motivated to take all of our opportunities to their fullest advantage.