Animal Farm

BY Kevin Adair


Trait 1-Brave

Evidence-He would fight even though he had a split hoof and was injured.

Evidence-He worked very hard and even got up early.

Evidence-He would be the first volunteer to help with the windmill.

Trait 2-Hardworking

Evidence-He got up to work earlier than the other animals.

Evidence-He pushed a giant stone to build the windmill.

Evidence-He never gave up and said I will work harder.


Trait 1-Selfish

Evidence-At the end of the book he wanted to still be in charge and he would do anything to stay in power.

Evidence-He would have the dogs rip any of the animals trout out because of talking to snowball.

Evidence-He wouldn't do any of the work while they were building the windmill.

Trait 2-Mean

Evidence-He would change the commandments after he broke them and tricked them into believing that it was that way

Evidence-He told the chickens to lay 400 eggs a week or they will die.

Evidence-He lied to them that snowball was a trader and was working with Mr.Jones